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our planet, our responsibility: every purchase gives back to mother earth with the planting of one tree by our partner.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2500+ reviews!

"these candles are everything: from the scents to the packaging to the unboxing experience. i am never going back to cotton wicks after trying these crackling wood wicks.😍"

– krystal w, van bc

“honestly i think people are sick of me mentioning this brand but you need these candles.🔥 a tree planted with every purchase and earth-friendly packaging?! win-win."

– karly k, kelowna bc

“love that this small biz is environmentally conscious and strives to avoid using plastic, as everything else i buy these days uses excessive packaging! 11/10 ♥"

– mikaela k, hope bc

what makes mala different?


bouncing cardboard shipping box with mala branded tape

packaging made from recycled materials and in turn is recyclable & biodegradable, no plastic here!

buy one, plant one

bouncing tree

we plant a tree with every candle purchase (76,210+ trees planted and counting!) to give back to the environment

clean ingredients

bouncing essential oil bottle

natural coconut soy wax, lead-free wooden & cotton wicks, premium phthalate & paraben free essential/fragrance blends

lead-free wicks

bouncing crackling wooden wick

choose from crackling wicks that mimic a fireplace, or classic cotton wicks. either way, evokes a luxurious, cozy sanctuary in your home

stack of mala candle boxes

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muse no 22: jamie paige

muse no 22: jamie paige

we are so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to collaborate on our "cat nap" candle with jamie inspired by her magical cat, gus! 

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muse no 21: gym tan & mya rose

muse no 21: gym tan & mya rose

if you're not following gym (@californiaistoocasual) & mya (@myarosemiller_) already, you're missing out. this aapi month, mala team up with the mother-daughter duo to create the refreshing candle that is...

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muse no 20: condiment claire

muse no 20: condiment claire

meet condiment claire! is there anything claire dinhut can't do?! from graduating harvard, to co-hosting an "italian food tour," to becoming the queen of condiments on 

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