self-care has never smelled this good.

our hand poured candles are crafted from the simplest of ingredients: natural coconut soy wax, wood wicks (for maximum cozy feels), lead-free cotton wicks & a premium blend of phthalate-free fragrance & essential oils.

mala founder, melody, lighting candles and smiling

meet our founder, melody

hi! thanks so much for being here. where do i start? mala evolved out of a passion project, making candles in my spare time after my 9-5.

in late 2019, i was fired from my job because of my "side hustle" - right before covid made it's first appearance. taking my savings, i decided to go with my gut and give myself six months to see if i could turn my passion project into something more...

flash forward a few months, i hired my dear mum as my first candle maker and employee! we've slowly grown our team since then and with your support, we've been able to bring our craft into more people's homes!

almost four years in, this side hustle i started grew larger than i would have ever imagined it would - yet, our mission has remained the same. by choosing our candles over mass produced ones, you are making a great impact on a small business while lessening the environmental impact that typical mass produced candles have on mother earth, by choosing to shop small. thank you for being here - it truly means everything to my tiny team and i!

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how are we earth-friendly?

we select sustainable materials as best we can when it comes to the creation of our candles and packaging, while also creating in small quantities to maintain quality and to avoid unnecessary waste.

we're constantly learning and striving to improve on our green practices, so we appreciate any insight and tips that we get!

our ingredients & materials

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mala core collection on a white wood floor

our ingredients & materials

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mala cereal candle

recycled vessels

mala cereal box

fsc certified boxes

mala thank you card

100% post-consumer recycled paper

cardboard shipping box with mala branded tape

100% recyclable cardboard boxes

biodegradable packing peanuts

biodegradable packing peanuts

our packaging

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mala core collection on a white wood floor with packing peanuts, a cardboard shipping box, and candle boxes

our packaging

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buy a candle, plant a tree

76110+ planted

our planet, our responsibility: every purchase gives back to mother earth with the planting of one tree by our partner.

the earth and our tiny team thank you for your support ♥