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Rainy Day | Eucalyptus + Water lily + Cedarwood
Chesli Lobue (Jersey City, US)
Rainy Day

A calming scent that is perfect for setting the mood for a cozy day indoors. Not too overwhelming and I really love the cedarwood touch.

S'mores | Clove + Rosewood + Cedarwood
Kayla Enriquez (Ottawa, CA)
Great scent!

This has a wonderful smoky scent - it's named well. I took one star off because I've been having difficulty with the wick staying lit. It may just be an issue with this single candle since my "cereal" candle (from the same order) burned without issue.

12 Month Mala Box Subscription
Sage Friestadt (Squamish, CA)
So worth it!!

I subscribed to a monthly box for a year and I am so glad I did! The candles burn so nicely and are such high quality, they smell awesome, and the surprise gifts I have recieved were way better than I expected! (A full bottle of face wash and a bag of coffee both from small businesses!) I look forward to next month!

6 Month Mala Box Subscription
Sally (Coquitlam, CA)
A little lackluster

Overall, I thought my 6-month subscription was a little lackluster. I signed up thinking that the per-candle price would be lower, and it would be interesting to see the treats that Mala would throw in through working with local companies. The treats were hit and miss, and the per-candle price was still high. I appreciate the prompt customer service that Mala provided, but I will not be renewing my subscription, because I believe the value could be much improved.

Best thing I’ve Smelled

Couldn’t help picking one of these up at Nordstrom (the packaging is SO pretty) and wow! Silk smells so light, fresh, and rich. Like it literally smells like walking into a bougie 5 star resort. 10/10.

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
Kayla Enriquez (Ottawa, CA)

This candle smells just like Fruit Loops cereal and I love it! It's such a nostalgic scent. Will definitely repurchase this when my candle stock gets low.

Too perfumy

I should of checked the notes but I’m pretty disappointed with this one. To me it’s not tea time and more like walking into the perfume section at a department store.

6 Month Mala Box Subscription
Sarah R. (Toronto, CA)
Love the monthly subscription!

I'm always excited to receive the Mala box each month! I've been able to try out some new candle scents and it also introduced me to other companies and products. I highly recommend!

Silk | Jasmine + Coconut + Tonka bean
Maryam Ali (North York, CA)
A perfect birthday gift

I read the notes and knew this would be a perfect birthday gift to my coworker (I then got greedy and bought one for myself too lol)

Cozy and creamy

This is the most comforting candle. It’s so luxurious too

Rosebud | Cream + Rose + Cedarwood
Sara Himer (Edmonton, CA)
The only candle I’ll ever buy again

This scent is such a perfect blend of vanilla and rose I’m just obsessed, I wake up next to the smell of it on my bedside table and it puts me in such a good mood. It’s my favourite scent for a candle. So gentle and pretty.

32 OZ pls?? :-)

I second the request for a 32 oz!! I’m obsessed with this scent and ordering them for every room (lol). Love it!!

Wonderful candle

Has the best natural scent. Made an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
Bridgid (Milwaukee, US)
Cannot recommend enough!

This is such an amazing smelling, high quality candle. Extremely worth the price. Has the most nostalgic vibe. And apartment friendly since it’s soy.

Rosebud | Cream + Rose + Cedarwood
G.R. (Kennedy Park, CA)

This scent is incredible! I am not sure how, but this candle smells creamy and rose-like at once, which in my opinion is the BEST combination. So heavenly and romantic at the same time. If you need to gift your friend a candle, this may be the one for them!

Lemon Tea & Lemon Puff

This is one of my favourite scents from the Spring Collection. There is a strong bergamot scent throw. My mom finds the scent reminds her of lemon black tea, which I totally agree with. I'd like to think of this tea party scent as an experience of enjoying lemon tea with lemon puff biscuits.

Calming Scent

I find Rainy Day to be a calming scent. It is light, yet rejuvenating. It is a candle that can help you de-stress, especially after a busy day at work.

Cherry Blossom Garden

This candle is so gentle and calm. It smells like walking through a cherry blossom raining after a rainy day. Smells floral and inviting.

Citrusy & Fresh

I LOVE the scent throw of this candle. It reminds me of a mango citrusy drink. I feel energized and happier whenever I burn this candle at home.

Delicious STRAWBERRY WAFER BISCUIT scent throw!

Mala knows how to bring back nostalgic childhood memories through their candles. I was in LOVE when I first smelt this candle. It smells so delicious and then it dawned upon me that this candle smells like the Strawberry Wafers biscuits from the Asian supermarket that my mom used to pack for me for elementary school. I highly recommend this scent, so so deliciously scented.

Relaxing, Refreshing, rejuvenating

Beach House is definitely a great way to describe this candle scent. It smells like you are at a resort with clean fresh linen and the ocean outside your balcony. It smells very clean and refreshing. It is definitely a candle that can help you energize and motivate you.

Sucker for Citrus

Smells so fresh - citrus, but also slightly peachy-ish. Clean burning and natural ingredients. Tree planting is bonus. High quality candle and scent. Spot on.


Can't quite put my finger on it, but reminds me of something from childhood. Was hesitant to purchase, only because strawberry is so often a miss, but couldn't resist - and this is delicious! Clean burning and natural ingredients. Tree planting is bonus. High quality candle and scent. Spot on.

Real Deal

Yum-o! Just like the real deal - smells so good! Clean burning and natural ingredients. Tree planting is bonus. High quality candle and scent. Spot on. Please keep this scent around!

Like Syrupy Sugary Goodness... bottom of cereal bowl! Love this scent. Clean burning and natural ingredients. Tree planting is bonus. High quality candle and scent. Spot on.