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Based on 1079 reviews
You need to smell this!

This candle smells exactly like a box of fruity pebbles! Had no trouble lighting the wood wick. Smell filled my entire apartment! Worth it

Made me crave cereal!

I absolutely love this candle! I’m on my 2nd candle now. It will be my favorite forever. It really does smell like fruit loops!

Perfect testers

This is a great option for trying various scents before purchasing the full sizes! I also got to try the ones I personally wanted. They burned for about 3-4 hours each. Great contactless pickup option in Vancouver too.

Lighter than expected, but still wonderful

I have tried many forest-y, pine-y, cabin-y scents in my day as it is my obsession. This one smells DIVINE but a bit too light for my taste. I would prefer to be drowning in that cabin-slash-forest scent 24/7, but I would still buy this again! I just tend to burn it longer than the other candles to have a more consistent scent.


Exactly what I wanted. Everything smells amazing and they burn longer than I thought they would.

Tangy musk

Very fresh smelling! I definitely smell the musk, and then grapefruit w citrus blossom and a bit of mineral scent.

Sexy chestnut? LOL

These scents are so interesting I’ve enjoyed trying to describe them haha.
This one is cozy, personal.. almost like it has an ambroxan type quality. Like creamy powdery wood and the chestnut makes it super unique. Best enjoyed for 2!

Grapefruit spritzer

Nice bright and cheery scent. Definitely grapefruit as the main note, not too sweet and I pick up some mineral fizziness which makes it more interesting!

Forest walk

I received a sample of this and the scent is as described. Clean fresh forest tree smell, and a slight peaty amber base. I can imagine using this at Christmas but really any day I feel nature-y!

Beautiful scent

Such an interesting layered scent, like a powdery vanilla creme melonball, w a hint of floral. Sundays is my fave and silk and cereal would be my second fave :) my husband says it smells like a really nice soap LOL

Yes, fruitloops!

Definitely agree that it smells like fruitloops, but it still has some depth to it like a fruitloop waffle cone. It’s highly scented which I love too. Even when not burning with the lid off, it gives off scent! Addictive.

My fave out of 9 scents

I’ll be buying this candle for life! It smells to me like candied apricot soda (ramune) w a touch of apple blossom. Reminds me of the gum my grandma used to buy me from Chinatown as a kid. I personally don’t pick up the lavender or sandalwood, but this is a layered/complex totally unique scent -I’m addicted! Wish it was as strongly scented as cereal.

new fav!

i think i just found my new fav candle omg? it literally smells like...milk and sugar! it smells like freshly baked cookies tbh especially after you've lit it for the first time! i cant get over it<3


Love love love being able to try out some of the flavours! Ended up loving ones that I wasn't sure of initially.

I love the samplers!!

I know which ones I wanted but then I got these and I just wanted them all!
Such a good idea for people who can’t really picture what the smell will be, but makes complete sense after you do

Love this candle!!

I recently made my first purchase from mala and I’m SO happy I did!! I bought the cereal scent and they are not lying when they say it smells like froot loops! It smells amazing and it burnt beautifully. I had no issues with the wooden wick either. I seriously love this candle and I can’t wait to buy more from this brand!

Great clean candle

I loved this candle- I would order it again. The only reason it is not a 5 star is because it's a bit on the sweeter smelling side- so not all will love it. I did though! The jar is super cute too which is a plus.

Best smelling package I've ever received!

I recently discovered Mala brand candles on Instagram and when I saw that they offered a sampler pack, I couldn't resist, especially with all of the positive reviews I was reading. When the package arrived and I opened it I couldn't believe how good the samples all smelled. I received Chai, Fireside, Milk & Sugar and my ultimate favourite, Morning Dew, which reminds me of when I was lucky enough to visit Paris! The candles smell just as good when you're burning them as they do just sitting in a holder looking pretty. I talked so much about them that my daughter was wishing she had some, so I sent two of them to her to try out herself. She was just as happy as I was! I'll definitely be ordering a full-sized Morning Dew candle, and maybe even another sampler! Believe the reviews, these candles are amazing!

Most amazing scent

This is the most amazing smelling candle period

Sunshine in a can!

When I opened this up my room was filled with bright notes of citrus! Full disclosure, I haven't burnt it yet. I want to keep it looking pretty on my shelf, but even though I haven't lit it yet it still fills that area with a really uplighting scent!

The scent is amazing!

Smells delicious, just like fruit loops. Has a great throw too, my guests smell it as soon as they get in. Unfortunately I have a lot of trouble with the wood wick. I can’t seem to get an even burn with it and very often the wick burns faster than the wax dissipates so the wick gets submerged in wax. I’ve had more luck with their cotton wicks. I love the idea of wood but would stick to cotton until they upgrade their wood wick (maybe one of those x shaped ones would burn more slowly.)

Amazing Scent!

I am in love with this candle and it's home-y scent. This candle warms up any room and is so comforting. I like to light this candle on the weekends while I plan my schedule and tasks for the upcoming. I cannot give this candle anything less than 5 stars. I will be repurchasing!!

A winter to spring transition candle

This scent is a fantastic transition from winter to spring. Although it's February I'm already dreaming of summer. With the fruity sweetness subdued with the amber and the sandalwood muskiness it gives a fresh scent to these dreary days.

Love it!!

The chai candle is amazing!! It has a very comforting and relaxing smell and doesn’t overwhelm you with the scent! Burns so so so nicely!


Always blown away with the quality and scents of these candles! The milk and sugar candle is so soft and comforting! It reminds me of Rice Krispies Treats! I also can never get over the wood wicks!!! They look amazing and they have a very small crackling to them that just makes everything all that much better!