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Fresh and sweet!

to reiterate what the other reviews have been saying, this candle is a great combination of fresh and sweet. Grab one while you can! (bonus: they are on sale until Friday!)

Key Lime Pie | Lime + Vanilla + Coconut
Katya Whyte (Montreal, CA)
Better when Lit, much better

when i first pulled this candle out of the box and had a sniff,i wasn't blown away, i thought it smelt to much like cleaning product lime/citrus, but upon lighting it for the first time i was pleasantly surprised, it's a nice sweet, vanilla and Graham cracker scent, much warmer and welcoming that when i smelled it before burning.I like it a lot, and I am very happy to have it in my mala collection.

Mala Matchbox
Robynne Eagan (Vancouver, CA)

great products, great service and oh, so cute!

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
C.J. (Montreal, CA)
YES, more!

I would burn this candle 24/7 if I could. It makes me happy. Smells amazing. THE best candle!

Coconut shampoo

It's high school. You're in first period biology class, and you just came in after rushing through your morning routine. Your hair is still a bit wet from the shower, and the scent of coconut shampoo wafts around the room. This smells like that coconut shampoo. Brings me back to high school. Love it.

Lemon lime soda

Smells like Sprite soda, but with more bite! Very interesting. Makes me think of summer days at the arcade, sipping soft drinks. Very 90s. I don't get much graham cracker or coconut so it was not entirely what I expected. But I'm enjoying it and am happy to have it.

Balsamic and bergamot

There's an interesting balsamic note to this bergamot-forward scent, a bit savory. I like it!

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
J. (New Westminster, CA)
Smells like fruit loops

I receive compliments every time I burn this candle. It smells like Saturday morning with cartoons and comics. It burns great and even has that wood burning sound from the wick.

Great soft smelling candle

Very soft smelling candle. Makes a great scent for any room. Purchased a couple more for friends.

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
L.P. (Washington, US)
Want to give a higher rating

This is my favorite scent of the multiple candles that I purchased. Unfortunately, the wooden wicks are TERRIBLE. They won't light, they won't stay lit, and I basically have several partially burned candles that will not keep a flame. I *want* to burn these candles because they smell great, but I can't get them to stay lit (even if I go through 5+ matches trying to help it along). I won't repurchase any candles from this brand again.

Love this set!

These are really great summer scents! I always worry about lemon scents smelling like floor cleaner, but this one is subtle and lovely. Olive oil is a surprising new cozy favourite of mine, it's beautifully rich and warm.

Childhood memories

This candle is what childhood fruit loop memories are made of. I think we are on our 3rd one. It's a staple
In our house!

Smells like the best Vacay!

Honestly can't get enough of this candle. Super sad it's a seasonal. But if you can get your hands on one. Do Not Sleep on it! It's delicious

Loved it, smells heavenly and the perfect mix of sweet and tart.

Coffee Bae x Mala | Blueberry + Coffee + Vanilla
M.R. (London, CA)
Absolutely lovely :)

This candle is lovely both aesthetically and with its light sweet scent!

Eraser scent (Asian stationary)

This is a weird association, but if you experienced an Asian childhood, you may understand. There is a note here that reminds me of the fruity erasers I used as a kid. They were part of my Asian stationary sets. Love it for this reason.

Could also be called Croissant

Butter is the dominant note here. This scent could also be called Croissant. Depending on how much you love butter, you might love this. However, I wished there was a bit more char scent to give off the toast impression, and I could have done with a bit more acid and sweetness (perhaps a marmalade note) to cut through the butter.

Best nautical scent

Probably my favorite sea / nautical -style scent. Most nautical scents are just salty and ozonic. That's here too, but I think it's the coconut that makes this almost mouthwatering. You're sitting on a weathered dock (there's a woodiness here too), eating a coconut dessert with a pinch of salt on top, listening to the waves.

Coffee Bae x Mala | Blueberry + Coffee + Vanilla
L.M. (Chicago, US)
Yankee candle vibes (in a good way), but subtle

The scent reminds me of a Yankee candle (in a good way)! I think of suburban malls and getting something like a blueberry latte there. I would like it a bit more if the throw were stronger. The throw is lighter and more subtle than a typical Mala candle. I can barely smell it while it's burning, and certainly not much after it's blown out.

Benefit x Mala: Day in the Bay | Sea Salt + Sandalwood + Coconut
Daynie Rivera (San Marcos, US)

Mala never misses. It smells like a tropical dream and is the most beautiful pink color. It's the perfect combination of a sweet and fresh scent for the summer. I love it so much. I hope it becomes a permanent item available. You need it!

Coffee Bae x Mala | Blueberry + Coffee + Vanilla
E.H. (Edmonton, CA)
Favorite collab!

This candle is so adorable. Love the clear glass container with the wood wick. Looking forward to reusing this when I am done! Great for early mornings.. rainy days… late nights

Coffee Bae x Mala | Blueberry + Coffee + Vanilla
A.H. (Vancouver, CA)
I’m Obsessed

I want me and my house to smell like this 24/7 for the rest of my life. Please never discontinue this.

Sundays | Lavender + Apricot + Sandalwood
Phyllis Smith (Menomonee Falls, US)

I haven’t been able to enjoy scents for years because of cluster migraines but Mala the brand not only fill my home with warm fragrance they don’t cause my migraines.

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
K.S. (Victoria, CA)
Smells just like Froot Loops cereal 🥣💕

Smells just like Froot Loops cereal. Not too sweet or overpowering. Perfect mood boosting candle!

Benefit x Mala: Day in the Bay | Sea Salt + Sandalwood + Coconut
S.M. (Halifax, CA)
Highly recommend!

Beautiful scent - soft, subtle hints of the sea and of Summer.Highly recommend!