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very nice smell

the scent was very good! reminded me of warm milk. a little hard to smell though but very homey and cozy. i enjoy lighting this on a lazy weekend.

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
M.F. (Salt Spring Island, CA)
very impressed, amazing scent

this is a well loved scent, but I wanted to leave a review saying I'm very impressed with the quality! while after my first couple burns there was a bit of tunnelling, now my candle burns slowly and evenly. I have had a lot of trouble with scented candles not burning evenly recently, this is a pleasant surprise! I find the scent throw is strong, almost too strong in a small room, but I prefer that to a weak scent. the candle itself smells like lemon cake and is lovely. I'll definitely order from mala again :) there were also a lot of generous little goodies in my order which I appreciated!

Matchbox Set
Amanda (Toronto, CA)
Never received :(

They look super cute but i never received them with my order

Matcha Latte | Vanilla + Chamomile + Green Tea
Lisa Castell Turchansky (Edmonton, CA)

Love it!!!

Mala Matchbox
Lisa Castell Turchansky (Edmonton, CA)

Love this so much!

mala does it again!!

mala's products are consistently top-notch and this is no exception. i bought the to-from candle for my sister's birthday and it smells so good i might have to order another one for myself :p
i was worried the (glass) candle might come damaged, but it was wrapped well inside the box, and everything came out intact!!
i feel like this is a weird thing to say about a candle, but it's also just really adorable if that makes sense, haha! i think my sister will love it!!

Glow Recipe x Mala: Watermelon Dew | Watermelon + Bergamot + Amber
B.Z. (Dallas, US)
i want to consume it

it smells dangerously good ahaha

i got just the candle - the bundle was a bit expensive, but the candle smells incredible and i will be in tears when it runs out, it's that good. i just wish this wasn't limited edition so i can buy more haha

Was super excited when I received my order from Mala, but unfortunately I find this candle doesn’t light easily and often won’t stay lit. Not sure if it’s just a fluke, I haven’t tried the others I ordered yet. A few of my candles also came dented.

Comfort in a candle

I love cereal scents. So creamy and light. Its like a walk down memory lane.

Cozy comfort

This is a subtle scent. So calming and intriguing!

Matchbox Set
Lc (Toronto, CA)
Adorable Matchbox set

I was gifted these cute matchbox sets with each order. I like to keep them displayed in a clear jar. And Who doesn’t like a free gift? Now that’s hot!

Wick Trimmer
Lc (Toronto, CA)
Pretty little wick trimmer

I've always wanted one but never found one I liked enough until I saw this one. I love the sleek black look of this trimmer - A must have for candle lovers!

Matchbox Set
Monica (Bowmanville, CA)

My partner and I love these candles and have repurchased several times! Love the simple packaging that goes with almost any decor and unique scents that aren’t overpowering but add freshness to our space! Got these Matches for free with our order and they are a nice way to keep something functional out on the table because they look so cute.

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
Cynthia Doyle (Winnipeg, CA)

Gorgeous packaging and delicious smell

Matchbox Set
Cynthia Doyle (Winnipeg, CA)

Gave with candles as a gift and kept one for myself. Was a big hit!

go to candle

i always have this candle in my home, such a lovely scent.

Cute gift add-on

Loved the packaging. Fun small item to add to a gift!

Worst candles ever!!

Cabin fever has no scent. My personal favourite candle scent is pine, however this candle goes a gross yellow and there’s no way possible to trim it because it’s way too short of a wood wick. Also this tin container gets super hot and when it cools it rusts at the top where the wax is. Plus it’s extremely overpriced!! Its small and not even worth $5. I really want my money back. I can’t believe indigo sells this trash!!

Cozy and warm

Love this candle, it smells exactly like the notes promise and has a decent throw for the size of the candle!

Spiced Honey | Honey + Black Pepper + Bergamot
Shannon Faith (Estes Park, US)
Not worth the price or wait

These candles burn way too fast and the scent is very mild. For the money I had way higher expectations. I don’t care what Oprah says.

Matchbox Set
Anne (Napanee, CA)

love my maple oats and lavendar fields and key lime pie candles!

Matchbox Set
Tia Bailey (Langley, CA)
Wasted candle

I was disappointed with my order. I trimmed the wick and still wasn’t able to re light my candle with more than half the wax left in it.

Matchbox Set
Grace (Toronto, CA)
Mala advent calendar

The Mala candle advent calendar was a total hit, all the scents were amazing and my mom loved it for Christmas! Customer service was also outstanding!

Fireside | Black Amber + Lavender + Musk
Julia Craig (Brampton, CA)

I cannot say enough good things about the candles and the brand. It is not just the candles that are amazing, but the team behind Mala is extraordinary as well. I was introduced to this candle by a very special person in my life. I now buy them for myself as well as gifts - which people always love!

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
P.P. (Saskatoon, CA)
No scent Throw

I was really excited about this candle, it was on my wish list for so long so when I finally got it for Christmas I was ecstatic… that was until i lit the candle. I let it burn for around half an hour and I couldn’t notice a scent. Keep in mind it was in my bedroom with a closed door so not a huge area to fill. I couldn’t smell anything!