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Based on 1017 reviews
Smells amazing!!

I got the Discovery Sample Kit and inside I got Sunrise, Cereal, Chai and Milk & Sugar scents. Every single one of them smells amazing! If you love Fruit Loops and just want to smell that all day, highly recommend “Cereal”.

Peaceful & slow burning

This scent seems to burn a little slower than the cereal scent. Very peaceful, very calming, brings lots of chill vibes to my house. Adore it!

A fruit loop smack to the face!

If a fruit loop could stand up and smack you right in the face, this would be THAT. I LOVE this candle.

Spicy and sweet

Such a great smell! It's spicy and sweet but not overwhelming. I definitely recommend to any chai lover!

So beautiful I shed a tear

The scent,wick, and packaging are just spectacular, but what really got me was that it smells *just* like my best friend’s house, who I can’t visit right now because of COVID. This candle makes me feel close to her and provides some extra comfort in these dark times


I'm not sure what I was expecting from the scent notes but it wasn't this. I LOVE this scent more than I thought I would. I think the apricot dominates but not in a bad way. The scent notes work very well together, blending seamlessly. I don't particularly notice the lavender in the blend, but I'm okay with that; I've been burning it on and off all day.

Favourite smell of summer in a candle

You know the smell of the forest in hot summers? Where the scent of warmed tress mixes with berries? It's my favourite smell and every time I've tried to explain it to people they look at me like I am crazy. Now I can just tell them to get this candle and they will understand. I found the scent stronger than a few other scented soy candles I've tried from other Canadian shops, but it's not too strong. For me it was nice. A gentle waft of scent every few minutes, and when walking past. Personally, it suited my needs well as I have been disappointed by the lack of "throw" from other brands in the past.

Great Token of Appreciation to Give

The e card arrived immediately! My friend loved the e gift card and being able to chose her scent vibes.

Mmmm so good!

If you are a sugary fruity cereal fan like I have to get this candle!

Too Pretty to Burn!

Heheh I love them. I haven’t burned them yet because they look amazing on my shelves but they are exactly what I wanted. I have been following Emma for years so I was stoked to be able to support her. I also got the gingerbread tin candle and it smelled divine.

wonderful scents and great variety!

The little sampler pack is so nice! I loved the range of scents that I got and found my two favourite scents - Golden hour and cereal.
I'm impressed with how pungent the candles are for being natural! I love them and im happy to support local and help plant a tree with my purchase. :)

Faulty candle

I bought this candle as a Christmas gift and it is faulty. Does not burn. Can I return it.

Better than expected

I got the sample kit because I'm one of those who are super sensitive to perfumes and get horrible headaches and nausea so I need to make sure a scent is safe for me. Happy to report, they smell delicious, I'm in love with silk and milk and looking forward to getting a full size of each

Literally the best scents!

The Discovery Sampler Kit is literally the best way to get a feel for some of the most popular scents! I highly recommend!!

Beautiful Candles but Pricey

The candles were great but I feel like they are a bit over priced for what they are


I especially love Sundays!!

Our fav candle ❤️

I mean, it smells like Froot Loops 😋


This candle has DEPTH, y'all. It's rich, succulent, but with the perfect balance of musk and femininity. The warm, fuzzy, inviting feeling of looking into a sunrise. Since I'll never be able to wake up early enough to see one, I'll go with this candle for the experience :)

Very high quality

Love the scent of this candle and it doesn't last too long because I have it lit almost every day!

Very high quality

Some candles can be too subtle to smell but Mala's is very well made with a natural scent to fully enjoy.

Absolutely stunning candles! The colours are even better in person, and make the perfect addition to a relaxing and minimal decor. Almost don’t want to burn them because of how pretty they are. 🤩

Helps me wind down after a busy day

Nothing better to wind down my day with. It’s lovely and grounding, and makes me feel at home.

My favourite part of the night

The scent of Cabin Fever is absolutely divine! It’s a perfect blend of a cozy fireplace and a dreamy forest. Definitely would repurchase as soon as I’m out :)

So yummy and makes me happy!

I had seen mala for a bit and knew I wanted one of their candles. I decided to get cereal as a holiday gift to myself after looking through all the options. It really does smell exactly like you think it would in the very best way! It’s fun and rich and sweet and for me it just makes me happy. Can’t wait to get more and try some of the others.


Absolutely love love love this candle. It smells like sugar cookie dough or like a birthday cake batter. It's not too overpoweringly "sweet" smelling, which I appreciate. Also love the crackling sound that the wood wick makes - it adds to the cozy feel :) Cannot recommend this scent enough!