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Silk | Jasmine + Coconut + Tonka bean
Michelle R (London, CA)
Smells expensive!

I love the sweet smells of cereal and milk and sugar, but silk has its own unique charm. To me, It smells like you’re walking into a very high end boutique that offers champagne as you shop (that’s the best way I can describe it!).

Mala Starter Pack
kristina (Chicago, US)
Amazing Scents

Love the scents that came in the kit. I will definitely be buying some candles. I really like that they are toxic free.

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
H.S. (Vancouver, CA)

Honestly so fun to have a cereal candle! I now own multiple...

6 Month Mala Box Subscription
H.S. (Vancouver, CA)
So fun!

I'm a few months in and really enjoying the subscription! It's fun so see what they pair with the candle each month, and of course to see what candle they pick! My only complaint is that two months in a row I got the same "extra" of drizzle honey, but also its absolutely delicious so I can't be mad

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
Lori (Brantford, CA)
First time customer

the scent of this candle is absolutely amazing! It truly smells like fruit loops. Absolutely deliciousness. My issue is with the burn of the candle. I had bought one at a retail store and it had burn issues so the company very kindly sent me a replacement candle. This candle also does not burn well. Wax stays at the sides as it burns and the wood wick will go out on its own. I think the wick needs to be changed out even though the crackling wood sound is soothing. For the price point I would not purchase again because of the burn issues.

Mala Starter Pack
Cyndi (St. Thomas, CA)
Starter kit

I purchased the starter kit with the 'cereal' candle. It smells like fruit loops and is lovely! I would burn it all day if I could.

I also purchased the sample candles, and although I haven't lit them yet I have smelled them. I tend to burn candles less in hot weather, so I'll give them a try when it cools off, or on a rainy day.

Mala Starter Pack
Jody Williamson (Sarnia, CA)
Cereal candle

Smell was DIVINE. absolutely loved it. Tunneling while it burned and found the wood wick would extinguish on its own and have to be re-lit. Didnt love the way it burned, and found a lot of excess wax on the sides. disappointed for the price I paid in how it burned.


Love the product! Love all the smells! Love ❤️

Crunch | Cinnamon + Vanilla + Maple
Lorie (Sherwood Park, CA)
Love but?

I love ❤️ this candle brand …. The scents, the slow burning soy wax, the packaging but I have to say that I much prefer the normal wick in cereal and don’t care for the wood wicks… when trimmed the black burnt soot always falls in wax and by end of burn, the charcoal bits have made black film on wax, I know we breath in a lot worse but my only holdback from reordering the candles with wood wicks.

Rosebud | Cream + Rose + Cedarwood
B.K. (Youngstown, US)
Beautiful & unique scent

A beautiful and unique scent! I first received it in a sampler and immediately wanted to purchase it because I enjoyed it so much. a beautiful creamy rose scent. Highly highly recommend!

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
Tamara (Vancouver, CA)
Love love love

This candle made me fall in love with mala candles. This is nostalgia in a candle. Great throw scent throw. Smells amazing. I will definitely rebuy.

Coffee Cream | Coffee + Clove + Vanilla
Tamara (Vancouver, CA)
Great smell, not very strong

Great smell but didn't have as much throw as I'd like. Good for a smaller room.

Beautiful apricot scent

the best way I could describe this scent is a perfectly balanced apricot. the sandalwood rounds off the apricot really nicely, and it is the most gorgeous scent for spring. Love it so much I wish there was a jumbo size available

Rosebud | Cream + Rose + Cedarwood
N.K. (West Roxbury, US)
The best candle ever

Genuinely the best candle i have ever had, the burn time is pretty amazing too. I loved it so much I went back and bought the jumbo size.

Spring Candle Bundle: Set of 4
Erin (Thamesford, CA)
Discovered some amazing scents!

never in my wildest dreams did I think I would like a “toast” candle, yet here I am, burning it daily (with 2 backups on the way!). all 4 scents are quite nice, and I’ve already reordered a few. imo, throw for all of the candles is great, but toast will scent an entire floor of my home!

Spring Candle Bundle: Set of 4
Megan Little (Montreal, CA)


Spring Candle Bundle: Set of 4
Kylee McDonald (Toronto, CA)
Amazing scents!!

I love these new spring scents! I love all of my mala candles and the lavender one is my new favourite

Chai | Clove + Cinnamon + Vanilla
Tamara (Vancouver, CA)

This is a unique twist of the chai smell, I like the smell but it's not as strong as I would expect chai to be. Compared to the cereal candle, the smell doesn't fill the room as much. Would be nice for small room or during a bath! Still love the smell, just wish it was a bit stronger!

Wick Trimmer
Tamara (Vancouver, CA)
Nice bonus!

This works well for trimming wicks, was a nice bonus with my order! Very chic looking too!

Mala Starter Pack
Carmen (Winnipeg, CA)
Smells great but candle tunnels

I’ve been seeing Mala the brand candles all over my socials for a long time and was so excited to finally order this starter pack! Love that the tealights give you a chance to sample different scents. My order didn’t come with matches as pictured (not a big deal but a bit disappointing) and unfortunately my cereal candle, though it smells amazing, doesn’t burn well. I burn lots of candles so know to let it burn evenly Cross the top on the first burn, but this one just wouldn’t (had wax sticking to sides of vessel that wouldn’t melt), and it did start tunneling a bit despite my best efforts and following the burning instructions exactly. Im not sure if all Mala candles do this but I was super disappointed as it’s such a waste!

Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon
Lin Phillips (Victoria, CA)
I'll buy more

I tried cereal because i love fruit loops (the forbidden cereal when i was little). I love the scent and burn time. Only challenge is that the wick sputters constantly - from the very first burn. Its a noisy candle LOL. I trim it and it still sputters. Best smelling, non-toxic candle out there and from a small, woman-owned business means I'll buy more.

Perfect spring/summer candle

This is the most beautiful scent for spring and summer. I need to stock up and I hope they bring it back every year. The sandalwood and amber give it such a sophisticated smell while the citrus adds a freshness to it that is unmatched. The name fits perfectly. Every time i burn it I feel like I’m at a lake house or a coastal beach front. Absolutely Devine and one of my favorite mala candles of all

summer vibes!

The scent reminds me of a hot day at the ocean, sitting in the shade under a beach umbrella,while enjoying that cold mimosa. Bring on summer!

Lakeside cottage vibes

This scent name could not be more accurate - I don’t know how MALA does it, but this scent perfectly captures the vibe of a cozy cottage by the lake - a little smoky, a little woodsy, a little fresh. So excited to burn this one come summer!

Summer days

Smells like fresh summer days at the lake, sitting on the dock, not to smelly just the perfect aroma