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Sundays smells so good! I'm not super into lavender so I wasn't sure but I received a sample in a previous order and I loved it so much I bought it! It does smell like lavender but it blends super nicely with the fruitiness of the apricot!

Smells amazing

I bought it as presents for my mom and she loves them so much

Golden Hour | Floral + Musk + Cedar
Melissa Tagalakis (Montreal, CA)
Comforting scent

This candle is my absolute favourite. The scent is warm, rich and subtly floral. It is truly the perfect golden hour/summer evening candle. Love love love it.

Clean and refreshing

To be honest it’s not my favourite scent- the bergamot can skew a little like cleaning solution but the grapefruit is nice and the candle burns beautifully. Nice to have when you want a clean scent in the room

Such a fresh, clean scent

Such a fantastic candle, it smells clean and light, like you just took your laundry out of the dryer.

Absolute favorite. Complex and elegant.

I ordered Silk, Peaches and Cream, Fireside, and Golden Hour. Silk was, by far, my favorite scent. It's incredible. It's not too coconutty, which I appreciate, and the Jasmine and tonka bean scents strike the right balance of floral and sweet. It's a complex and elegant scent.

Not too sweet, super pleasant

This candle definitely surprised me. It's fruity, creamy, a bit tart, and strikes the perfect balance of sweetness without being boring.

Peaches & Cream | Orange + Peach + Vanilla
sarah vincent (Montreal, CA)
best candle ever

perfect for summer!

S'mores | Clove + Rosewood + Cedarwood
sarah vincent (Montreal, CA)
most comfortable candle ever

LOVE this scent.


What a fantastic scent - this candle smells rich. It’s calming and warm and my new favourite candle for sure!

S'mores | Clove + Rosewood + Cedarwood
Emma Fennell (Vancouver, CA)
Actually smells like s'mores

Listen, I love s'mores more than any adult should. I'm a bit of a s'mores connoisseur. This smells just like toasting marshmallows over a campfire, which I didn't know was possible to capture in a candle. It's like sweet campfire and I love it. The wood wick gives the whole auditory campfire experience, too.

Peaches & Cream | Orange + Peach + Vanilla
Emma Fennell (Vancouver, CA)
Fuzzy Peaches

This candle smells so much like Fuzzy Peaches that I went out and bought some to eat because I was thinking about them so much. The scent is the perfect intensity for me, and I really like the glass jar.

Discovery Scent Sampler Kit
Namrata Bangera (Toronto, CA)
Beautiful scents, very little scent throw

I loved a lot of these scents. Some might find them a little too sweet though, all of them had some element of sweetness, although that may be my fault I didn't ask for any specific scents. However, the scent throw on these is very low. Overall, I liked this set but don't expect to be able to really try out the ambience these candles bring to a room.

Peaches & Cream | Orange + Peach + Vanilla
Chloe Hamilton (Bakersfield, US)
smells just like peach fuzz

this candle took me by surprise. it is not your average peach scent, which to me smell so boring and predictable. after smelling this candle, i realized all the nuances that traditional peach-scented items lack. this candle is fruity, creamy, and a bit grounded with something that reminds me so much of the fuzz on the outside of this lovely fruit. it smells lovely both lit and unlit, and it is a gentle summer scent that i love.

Discovery Scent Sampler Kit
Amanda Hunter (Kingston, CA)
Amazing idea

I was so thrilled when I received my sample kit and realized that I was sent all of the scents I requested! I’ve been stuck between four scents that I want to buy the full size, so this was honestly perfect. Cannot recommend this company enough - thank you so much!

Fresh cut grass smell w/o the allergies

Love this scent so much, it smells so fresh without too much added sweetness. Well-balanced scent and truly smells like your most romantic memories of fresh cut grass.

Discovery Scent Sampler Kit
Samantha S. (Pierrefonds, CA)
So worth it!

I love these little tea lights so much! It's a great way to discover new scents. I got them at random and I ended up liking scents I didn't think I would!

Discovery Scent Sampler Kit
Yunesta Soedarmasto (London, CA)
Such a great way to test scents before buying!

This is such a helpful product! I find it really difficult to buy candles online, but having tealight-sized testers really helped- being able to choose which ones came in the package was also super helpful! I don’t know if it’s a sample-size issue, but the scent isn’t as strong as I’d hoped while the candles are lit, but they smell amazing before and after!

S'mores | Clove + Rosewood + Cedarwood
Irlanda Aguilar (Montreal, CA)
My fave from this collection! 💖

The summer collection is pretty amazing but S’mores has a special place in my heart. It’s delicious and so unique, my fave from all three summer scents.

Peaches & Cream | Orange + Peach + Vanilla
Irlanda Aguilar (Montreal, CA)
So sweet 🍑

It’s such a lovely scent, so subtle and perfect for this season. You won’t regret getting it ✨

Citrusy and refreshing

The scent is not overpowering which is what I liked.

S'mores | Clove + Rosewood + Cedarwood
Brooke Haslam (Victoria, CA)
so delicious for summer!

I love warm smokey smells but sometimes feel they are a bit much for summer. This sweet spin on a campfire really captures all the elements of roasting marshmallows on an open fire!

Peaches & Cream | Orange + Peach + Vanilla
Taylor Preston (Surrey, CA)
So good!

It’s honestly the perfect summer scent! So good!!!

This is a true grassy scent with floral notes, the name Meadow is perfect, because it feels exactly like sitting in one.

Summer Scents: Set of 3
Lisa (Surrey, CA)
Awesome Set

I debated about buying the full set as I wasn't sure I'd like Meadow but it ended up being my favourite of the 3. It is reminiscent of freshly cut grass without smelling super earthy. The s'mores scent is super mild so it's best in smaller rooms but really lovely as well and not overly sweet-smelling. The peaches and cream smells exactly like you'd expect - fruity and summery.