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Dreamy Cotton/Laundry Scent

If you are a big fan of the crisp and soothing clean sheets scent that is easy to keep burning all day long, this is the one!

10/10 - DON'T WALK, RUN!!!

This is my #1 pick from Mala hands down which says a lot given Mala has some amazing scents! The gently sweet scent of the orange/peach/vanilla with a hint of citrus/tarty notes from the grapefruit/lemon is so lovely during the morning, day AND night. This is the perfect Spring/Summer scent to keep your house smelling fresh all day long.

PS. This is man-friendly, it has been approved by my partner - HUGE WIN :)


Another one of my absolute favs from this company. Totally underrated. It’s such a nice, light scent.


Honestly the best smelling candle I received. 100% recommend getting this one!!

NO scent

Super disappointed in this one. I ordered a bunch of different scents and this one has no smell what so ever. I don’t know if I got a one without scent or what. I burned for the first 3 hours and couldn’t smell anything. Tried it again and still didn’t smell anything. Not sure what went wrong. The other ones I received had a distinguished smell. Super sad because I was looking forward to this one.


A classic smell. For every day


Good start for a happy day


The exact smell of cereals in my childhood

Savory Lemon

This candle is sweet, but has something in it that is also a little “savory” or rather just not sweet, I think it’s the butter! I like the candle, but not in love with it, wouldn’t repurchase

This is my fave scent !! So refreshing, can’t get enough enough of it.

80s baby

Brings me back to happier times, bowl of fruit loops and Saturday morning cartoons!! Thank you for bringing back some of my happiest childhood memories!!


L'odeur est exactement celle attendue. Parfaite!

So comforting

Smells so, so good. Perfect for a relaxing, cozy night in.

Love these scents!

Love having the chance to try out scents this way and I was able to get all the scents I wanted! I'm really loving the new spring scents! Mimosa is really sweet and fruity!

So Lovely~

Not a scent I usually go for but so glad I did. Smells amazing and isn’t overpowering at all. Will definitely be ordering again!


I fell on this candle shop through a Facebook ad and have been really pleasantly surprised at the quality of the candles and scents in this discovery pack. Cereal and Sundays have been my favorite so far as they are warm and comforting in their sweetness but also surprisingly complex. Bonus: candles smell the same before burning and during burning!

Fell in love immediately

Mimosa and Silk are tied for my favourite scents. I fell in love with this one right away - it's a great citrus scent that isn't overpowering like other citrus candles. New favourite candle brand for sure

Perfect for spring and summer

When I first smelt this candle I wasn't sure how to feel, but as soon as I lit it and let the scent feel my room I fell in love with it. The perfect scent for sunny days at home

New favourite scent

Love love love Silk!!! Fills up a room really nicely - sweet yet subtle scent, not overwhelming. Also smells very natural and not like chemicals. Highly recommend.


I bought Sundays from my local chapters without having smelled it beforehand after trying the discovery kit and falling in love with ALL of the scents and i was so divinely surprised. It smells EXACTLY like Glossier's perfume, You. The bag that comes with the candle is so adorable as well, I honestly don't think I'm buying a candle from anywhere else AGAIN lol, these scents are unparalleled.

Amazing scent!

Got this scent in my discovery kit and LOVED it. Looking forward to purchasing this in a larger size! :)


I gifted my friend this candle and truly, this smells more like a 🍓 🍰 strawberry shortcake than strawberry shortcake itself.

I am IN AWE.

It is my smell

I swear to you, this candle should have my name on it. It smells exactly of many perfumes I have owned before. If you walk into my house, there is always incense burning and its likely sandalwood. This musky kind to the nose candle has really hit me hard. It doesn't smell as strong as Cereal for example, but it will pleasantly fill a closed room.

Felt Special

Someone took the time to put these samples together for me, and sent them with a personalized card. The candles smell wonderful and they lasted a few hours. Sundays was my fave!

Heavenly pie!

A gorgeous fresh lemon scent, not too overpowering and smells just like lemon meringue pie. Not too sweet, just right. Another fabulous candle by Mala.