muse no 21: gym tan & mya rose

muse no 21: gym tan & mya rose

if you're not following gym (@californiaistoocasual) & mya (@myarosemiller_) already, you're missing out. not only do they provide the most stylist content (gym having a longtime relationship within the fashion industry), they also have a bond their community adores.

this aapi month, we've teamed up with the mother-daughter duo to create the refreshing candle that is "tangerine."

hear more about their story and how this collaboration came to be below!

tell us about your story:

We are a Mom-Daughter duo who create uplifting fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. We love to twin and showcase that style has no age, we rock the same wardrobe in our 20s or 60s. Gym is a fashion maven with more than 25+ years career in the industry in Asia and when Mya isn’t filming and working alongside Gym, she can be found working in PR for a luxury handbag company based in New York. 

What inspired this Mala collaboration?

We recently moved into a new home nestled amongst the redwoods in Northern California. It is the definition of ‘cottage core’ and we were missing a candle that fit the vibe perfectly. Mala reached out with an idea in mind and we were totally on board. What better way to say welcome home than with a candle? We really wanted this candle to encompass us and tie together not only our outdoorsy-nature-esq California lifestyle but also tie in our Asian roots and pay homage to our previous home in Hong Kong. Our Mala collaboration is the first time we’ve actually helped co-create a product that is uniquely ours and we’re so excited to share it with you all!!

If you weren’t in your current career path, how would you be spending your time? 

Gym: I would probably own a charming store carrying all my favorite items from around the world - gorgeous thoughtful gifts,, candles and home decor, yummy sweaters, dresses and tees  that travel well and are easy to dress up or down.

Mya: When I’m not working I love spending time in nature and the outdoors, especially if it involves the water! You can also always find me trying out new neighborhood wine bars and coffee shops, listening to live music, or curled up on the couch by the fireplace with a good book. If I had to pick another career path, it would be something in the environmental space, my dream was to be a marine biologist when I was a kid!

What is your favourite thing to do together to strengthen your bond?

We are lucky enough to travel a lot together for work. Traveling together has definitely brought us closer because we’re spending 24 hours a day with one another chatting, working, experiencing new things and bickering of course! There’s nothing better than a mom-daughter trip where there’s no pressure to be ‘on’ all the time. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Gym: My mom taught me that education is key and that you have to be able to rely on yourself and not a prince charming

Mya: Comparison is the thief of joy 

What’s next for you both? 

Up next for us we’ll be traveling to Japan for the first time as a family, running bay-to-breakers in San Francisco and continuing to decorate our new home (taking you all along on the journey of course!). 


shop the exclusive drop this coming friday may 31st at 10am pst, exclusively on our site! 

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