muse no 22: jamie paige

muse no 22: jamie paige

meet jamie paige (& her cat gus)!

jamie is a canadian beauty vlogger with a huge passion for all things beauty and lifestyle. she has created a wonderful community where she posts an assortment of beauty related videos like routines, tutorials, fashion, lifestyle content, and more!

she is also a creative, with her side passion of doodling over on @jamiepaigedoodles where you can find stickers, doodle pads, and more! she truly does it all. 

What is your story?

Jamie: I have been a beauty and lifestyle content creator for over a decade! I also run a stationery shop, called Jamie Paige Doodles, where I turn my doodles into stickers, bookmarks, notepads and more. I love cats (obviously), crocheting, running and reading three books at the same time. 

What inspired the Mala x Jamie Paige candle collaboration?

Jamie: I was greatly inspired by my cat, Gus, and how delicious he smells. This might sound insane, especially if you’ve never buried your face in a cat’s fur, but trust me—cats smell delightful (IYKYK). Gus smells like a mix of my everyday perfume and clean, fresh laundry. Cat Nap captures the scent perfectly, with notes of rose, vanilla, lemon and musk. 

If you weren’t in your current career path, how would you be spending your time? 

Jamie: I’m a creative person and would stay in that realm. I would probably explore interior design! 

When did you know art was something you wanted to pursue? What made you decide to start posting about it online?

Jamie: Art has always been my happy place! Whenever I felt the need to escape or decompress, I would turn to one of my creative hobbies. I started sharing my doodles on social media just for fun, and as I continued to share, I noticed how it resonated with my community. So, I decided to start an Instagram page dedicated to my art, and Jamie Paige Doodles was born!

What is your favourite thing about your cat, Gus?

Jamie: So many things! This is an impossible question. To name a few, his blue eyes are a big one (fun fact: they inspired the color of the Cat Nap label). He’s not just beautiful; he’s also very smart—he currently knows eight tricks, including but not limited to: spin, paw, and jump. His fluffy toe beans! How could you forget the fluffy toe beans? I could go on and on.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Jamie: It’s simple – don’t be afraid to try!


shop cat nap on june 27 at 9am PST.

be sure to follow jamie on her platforms for what she's up to next:

ig: @jamiepaigebeauty / yt: @jamiepaige / stationary shop:

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