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4 ways you can start living a plastic-free life

Have you heard of Plastic Free July? This global movement has made waves as a way to help put forth the solution to plastic pollution. In a world of single-use plastics, learning alternatives to refuse them can help keep our side of the street clean, enjoy those beautiful ocean views, and save what gives character to our communities. 

It can definitely feel overwhelming at first, but each small step leads to the end goal that benefits all. For example, bringing your reusable coffee cup to a cafe is one action you can take to eliminate single use to-go cups! 

Here are 4 ways you can practice living plastic free in your everyday life:

1. DIY Projects

DIY projects can definitely feel intimidating and time-consuming, but what if we told you our candle tin’s that you may have laying around are a one-step project that you can partake in right now?

  • Reusing our jars and turning them into a pen holders or even using it as a cup (our collab with @coffeebae97 hint hint) are low maintenance tasks that can hold big results
    • Our mission from the beginning has always been to create candles that are kind to the earth, while continuously working to lessen our impact on the environment where possible 
    • With our recycling program, you can drop off your tins to recycle at our HQ or our favourite mala retailers for store credit! 
  • Another project is making your own cloths/dust rags out of old clothes
    • Dig into the pile of clothes in your room and find an old t-shirt to cut just below the sleeves, trim the edges, and fold for about 2 cloths per shirt!


2. Opt for plastic free packaging when making orders/shopping in person

Have you noticed when shopping, you’re asked (and charged extra) if you need a bag? And now when ordering online, you have the option to choose less packing? Little choices like this are new ways you can practice being plastic free!

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts help make online shopping less wasteful by melting them down after opening your package
  • Swapping regular wrapping paper for beeswax wrap during the holidays or everyday use
  • And another small way to reduce waste when online shopping is refusing sample packets. As cute as they are, the plastic packaging adds up and usually goes ends up going in the waste bin


3. Buying and supporting local, also tote bags are so in right now

  • Shopping at farmers markets and with local vendors tends to encourage less plastic waste by encouraging visitors to bring their own bags and reusable containers to buy in bulk instead of using the plastic bags to carry nuts and fruit in


4. Minimize plastic use when out to eat by bringing your own reusable metal utensils 

  • Bringing your own metal straws to keep in your bag when out to the bar to not only save the turtles and environment but also look chic while doing it
  • When going to food trucks or having a picnic, use reusable cutlery that are easy to clean off and store back in your bag once finished


Plastic Free July does not need to be limited to one month. You can be involved at any time and if these steps feel do-able, challenge yourself to do more!






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