Muse No 3 : Emma Rose Leger-Mala the Brand

Muse No 1: a chat with creator, emma leger

What is your story? 

I grew up here in Vancouver! I studied at JCI in the fashion and business program and then started to take my blog very seriously. That hard work then turned into my full-time job, and then eventually my career. :)

What inspired you to start creating content online?

I always loved fashion growing up, and would collect fashion magazines as my inspiration. When Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr came out and I found a new platform to express my creativity, I hopped on it and used it as my outlet instead of magazines!

What does a typical day look like?

Emails, content, strategy, and more emails. I have a ton of “Week in my life” videos on my youtube channel, if you want a realistic view on my life - check them out!

Favorite part of your job?

Being my own boss and the freedom of travelling for work! I’ve always been the type with a strong personal drive and Girlbosses have always been my biggest inspiration and motivation.

What’s next for you?

2020 is going to be the most exciting year yet ;) I have SO much in the works and I’m so excited to bring you all along.

If you weren’t a content creator, what do you think you would be doing?

Probably working in social media still, but behind the scenes. Or maybe working as a host for media events, or fashion segments on TV?

What was one of your most rewarding experiences being in your line of work so far?

I’ve truly made some of my best friends through this industry, and I can say that confidently. I always say, if this industry ever goes away - at least I can walk away with my best girlfriends. I’ve also had the most amazing travel opportunities, I’ve been able to see places in the world that I didn’t think was possible to see! The freedom of creativity has truly shaped who I am today.

The inspiration behind the scent "French Kiss?"

My favourite city in the world, PARIS! I wanted to bring the city into your home. I’m also french (and a lot of people don’t know that), so I wanted this candle to represent what I love, and who I am!

The best piece of advice to others that are wanting to start their own business?

Consistency is key and never give up when you hear a “no” - a “yes” happens when you least expect it.


Shop the limited-edition "French Kiss" tomorrow at 10am PST at and connect with Emma here. :) We can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! 

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