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Shipping + Returns


All orders are processed and shipped from our Vancouver studio within 1-3 business days. 

You will receive a shipping notification once your order leaves our studio. Orders within BC will arrive within a few days, anywhere else can take up to 7 days.

All shipping fees are automatically calculated at checkout and international packages may be subject to customs fees, which are not included in our shipping rate and are the customer's responsibility to cover!

If you are wanting express shipping, please email us at and we'll do our best. 


Due to the nature of our products, used candles cannot be returned or refunded. However, we will replace or refund products damaged during shipment if photographic proof of damage is submitted to hello@malathebrand within 4 days of arrival.

You may exchange your product for another candle of the same size and price within 14 days of purchase if you end up not loving the scent, or if the product is somehow damaged during shipping. The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost on all returned items.

  • How can I ensure I am safely burning and caring for my candle?

    Candle care and safety is very important to avoid any accidents, injuries/burns, and fires. Please adhere to these rules for all candles, including ours:

    • always burn your candle within sight. do not burn the candle for longer than 3 hours at a time
    • keep burning candles away from flammable materials, children and pets
    • do not light on or near any objects that can catch fire, and do not place on or near other heat sources
    • burn candle on heat resistant surfaces only
    • do not allow any dust, debris, wick trimmings, or any other materials collect in the wax by keeping your lid on when not in use and removing all wick trimmings from the vessel
    • do not place your candle in a draft filled area such as a hallway, near a window or by a fireplace

    If you have any questions or you're not sure about something, email us at :)

    Read our full guide HERE!
  • Where is my discovery kit? It's been a long time!

    Please note that our discovery kits are sent via regular letter mail so there is no tracking. Letter mail can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive, if you're located in Eastern Canada. If it does not arrive within 3 weeks of your ship date, please contact us. If you want tracked shipping, please select the paid shipping option during checkout!
  • Why isn't my wood wick staying lit?

    Wooden wicks are more delicate than traditional cotton wicks and can take more care and patience to maintain.

    1. on the first burn, allow the wax to fully melt to the edge of the can, both on the first burn and consecutive ones! (2-3 hours max) do this by breaking off the TOP black bits of the wick with your fingers, or use nail clippers (weird but it works!) to shorten the wick to be about 1/8″ – 3/16″.

    2. on every new burn, re-trim the wick to 1/8." the shorter height allows the wax to capillary up the wick to feed the flame properly. always allow enough time for the wax to melt to edge of can before blowing out.

    3. do NOT burn the candle for longer than 3-4 hours at a time. it's time for a new candle when there is 1/4" wax remaining.

    Please note: We recommend burning your candle within 6 months of date of purchase for best results.

    Learn more tips HERE!
  • If I live in Vancouver, can I pick up my order?

    Yes, we offer local pick up at our warehouse in Richmond BC. Please note it's not a store front so you can not purchase at the door! You must place your order online, select local pick up, and receive an order ready confirmation before picking up. Address details is in check out, or email us for more info!
  • Do you accept refunds?

    If you end up not loving the scent, you may return the candle to our warehouse in Richmond BC in original condition, once received and evaluated by our team, we will issue you a store credit for - email us at to start the refund process. Please note: the customer is responsible for paying for the return postage for any returned items. Store credit that is issued at any time does not include shipping, this is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?

    Due to the nature of our products, used candles cannot be returned or refunded. However, we will replace or refund products damaged during shipment from if photographic proof of damage and receipt is submitted to within 48 hours of arrival. We cannot accept exchanges, returns or refunds on sale items, gift cards, limited edition/collaboration items, or any item that is older than 30 days since date of purchase.
  • Oops! I accidentally put in the wrong shipping address?

    If a shipped order is placed with missing or incorrect address, the customer is responsible for paying a $12 CAD service fee as well as the original shipping fee. If you no longer want your order, we are able to issue a store credit for the order, minus the original shipping fee. The $12 CAD service fee covers the cost from our shipping partner to receive your bounced package back to us. As a small business, we are unable to cover these costs. We appreciate your understanding!

    If your order hasn't shipped yet, please shoot us an email asap and we'll try our best to fix the address before it gets sent out!
  • Do you do wholesale or custom orders?

    We take on select custom orders every quarter, please reach out to inquire! We are currently still accepting wholesale for retailers that are a fit. Please email us at with your details!
  • How do you work to be eco-friendly?

    In our candles, we use renewable soy wax, FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified wood wicks (made of post-consumer waste), 100% recyclable cans, recycled stickers and cards are made with 100% post-consumer paper and feature a recycle compatible adhesive. Our sample mailers are made with 100% reclaimed polyethylene liner (from 100% post-consumer recycled content) which is biodegradable. Our boxes are made of recycled content and is recyclable as well! Additionally, our packing peanuts are entirely plant-based and made of organic starch. These FDA compliant packing peanuts decompose in water in minutes! We are constantly working to find ways to improve so if you have suggestions, we are all ears. :)

  • What can I do with my leftover wax/tunnelling candle?

    Candle tunnelling happens when a candle burns down its centre, leaving a ring of hard wax around the outside. This is a result of your candle not given enough time to fully melt to the edges (around 2 hours). This leftover wax means your candle won’t achieve it’s maximum burn-time and the wick will become more and more difficult to light and eventually be drowned by melting wax.

    Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to help your candle burn evenly and efficiently, leaving as little residual wax as possible. Our favourite method is using foil:

    1. Light your candle. Poke a hole in a piece of aluminium foil and place around the top of the candle.

    2. This allows the heat to stay in and melt the rim of hard wax on the sides. Keeping your candle in eye sight at all times, leave it sitting for 1-2 hours. Check every half hour, and eventually you’ll have a good even wax pool and a re-set candle. Please be careful when removing the foil, it will be hot!

    3. Note: If there’s too much liquid wax that is now drowning the wick, use a tissue paper to soak up the excess (when candle is unlit) and level out the wax! The aim of the foil method is to increase the heat trapped at the top of the candle, hopefully enabling the stubborn hard wax left up the sides to melt.

    Learn more tips HERE!