muse no 20: condiment claire

muse no 20: condiment claire

meet condiment claire! is there anything claire dinhut can't do?! from graduating harvard, to co-hosting an "italian food tour," to becoming the queen of condiments on tiktok and more, we are SO beyond lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with claire on our new"farmers market" candle. 

we sat down with claire to learn a bit more about her journey and dive into what inspired this collab...


tell us your story.

I am half French half Greek-American and grew up in between Los Angeles and the deep French countryside. I studied History in college and then went on to work in unscripted television. When the pandemic hit, I moved back home to LA, then to Prague and finally to London where I still live 4 years later. 

Upon arrival in London, I posted an instagram story dump of all of my new jars of jam, chutney and more and the response was unbelievable. I was still working in TV then, but slowly shifted into doing “condiments” (???) full time. I still cannot believe that this is my career but I am so lucky to have found a niche that I am passionate about and that allows me to learn every day. 

what inspired the mala x claire candle?

My favorite day of the week is Farmer’s Market day - it’s my time to scope out what’s in season and just smell the crisp produce. Rain or shine, I will be there! My personal favorite scent is orange blossom because it conveys so many nostalgic memories due to my childhood in California. I also just love the freshness that cucumber and basil give off so the three felt like a match made in heaven. I hope you love it as much as I do! 


what would be your ideal lineup at your own farmers market?

This is a tricky question since Farmer’s Markets are so seasonal! I’d have to say spring is great because the daffodils are plentiful and I can also get my hands on some sweet sugar snap peas, fresh radish, tangy rhubarb, a ton of carrots and hopefully some fennel if I’m lucky. 

where is the best farmers market you’ve been to?

How can I pick!? I always try and plan my travels to a new city over a weekend so that I can visit their local Farmer’s Market. You’re able to learn so much about a place depending on the season by seeing what produce is naturally grown there, how they use their dairy, what herbs they sell, their flowers and more. 

Growing up, I loved the Palisades Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles for its fresh ginger limeade and tamales and California citrus and avocado. Here in London I’m currently a fan of the Queen’s Park Farmer’s Market for the giant fennel and oysters, and I just visited the Oranjezicht City Farmer’s Market in Cape Town and thoroughly enjoyed the iced rooibos, artisanal spice mixes, and milk tart. It was a short hotel stay so I had to deny myself the fresh produce.

what does a typical day look like for you? 

I am 100% a morning person, it’s when I am able to get the most work done. I wake up around 6 or 7ish, get through a bunch of emails (the US is awake when I’m asleep here in the UK so my inbox is usually chaos when I wake up) and then head out to Pilates or for a walk before lunch. Once home, I make myself some sort of condiment heavy platter or bowl and then plan out the rest of my day - filming, editing, recipe testing, researching and writing my weekly substack newsletter

I’ll usually pop out again in the afternoon to grab a last minute ingredient at a grocery store or just to move my body a bit. I love my neighborhood so I also take the opportunity to chat with my neighbors, the fruit and veg guy, the butcher… 

In terms of my evenings, I try and schedule all of my US calls on the same day of the week (which sometimes are from 6pm-11ish) so that I can enjoy some evenings to myself. If I don’t have an event to attend, I like to spend my evenings alone eating popcorn on my couch, with friends cooking at home or out seeing the latest film. 

if you weren’t in your current career path, how would you be spending your time? 

I was working in unscripted TV (travel, food, sports etc.) before the pandemic and loved it. I’d probably still be in that field of work and hopefully traveling around learning about different people and places! 


what is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Life is fake. We’re honestly all just living in a video game and nothing is actually serious. Just follow your passion (ie condiments) and don’t bother listening to the haters. 

if you had to pick only 3 condiments, which 3 would you pick? 

This is SUCH a hard question and it varies depending on my mood however Dijon Mustard will always be #1. If I had to pick right this second I’d say Dijon Mustard, Soy Sauce and my Cinnamon Vanilla Salt.

something you’re looking forward to? 

I have SO much in the works that I’m not allowed to share yet but I cannot wait to finally be able to announce the big surprise.


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