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Mistletoe | Holly + Pine + Spiced Berries
Mistletoe | Holly + Pine + Spiced Berries

Mistletoe | Holly + Pine + Spiced Berries


a winter classic! this is our unique take on a festive favourite: get into the holiday spirit with the smell of fresh pine trees, combined with a spiced berry and pine body with top notes of holly. finished with subtle hints of cinnamon and clove, this will be a favourite all season long.

notes: holly + pine + spiced berries

4 oz // burn time: 20-25 hours

8 oz // burn time: 40-45 hours


all candles are hand-poured in Vancouver, BC and a tree is planted with every purchase. 

scent glossary

core collection:

cereal | citrus + berry + lemon

milk & sugar vanilla + cinnamon + cream

silk tonka bean + coconut + jasmine

rosebud | cream + rose + cedarwood

chai | clove + cinnamon + vanilla

sundays lavender + apricot + sandalwood

fireside | black amber + lavender + musk

cabin fever cypress + evergreen + moss


fall collection: 

coffee cream | coffee + clove + vanilla

matcha latte | vanilla + chamomile + green tea

maple oats | oatmeal + pecan + vanilla

chalet | citrus + amber + sandalwood

bouquet | rose + violet + sandalwood


holiday collection: 

mistletoe | pine + holly + spiced berries

eggnog latte | cinnamon + rum + vanilla

candy cane | peppermint + spearmint + vanilla

chocolate orange | chocolate + orange + buttercream


~ cruelty-free, 100% vegan. made with high quality blend of phthalate and paraben free fragrance and essential oils.

~ custom blended coconut-soy wax is made to burn cleanly (meaning it doesn't create harmful, black soot like paraffin candles do) and is 100% biodegradable, free from toxins, made from vegetables and a renewable source

~ cotton wicks are lead-free and woodwicks are FSC certified approved

~ delivered with biodegradable packing peanuts, & recyclable packaging 


4 oz // burn time: 20-25 hours

8 oz // burn time: 40-45 hours

16 oz // burn time: 80-85 hours

candle care + burning tips


on first burn, let wax reach a full melt pool to avoid tunneling. (around 2 hours) with every consecutive burn, keep wick trimmed to about 1/8 - 3/16” inch. do this by pinching off the curled bits of the black, not the entire black portion! it is natural for the flame to dip in and out on different burns, so long as it does not fully go out. for best results, use a long lighter (hold it to the wick for about 5 seconds) to properly fuel the flame. remember, patience is key here! wood wicks take time to maintain as they are essentially mini fireplaces. :)

for more tips and troubleshooting, please read our full guide here


candle safety: 

to avoid fire hazard, never leave a burning candle unattended and always light on a heat proof surface. keep out of reach of flammable objects, pets, children, or anything that may catch on fire. do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. stop use when only 1/2” of wax remains. 

Mistletoe | Holly + Pine + Spiced Berries

Mistletoe | Holly + Pine + Spiced Berries


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ray (Burnaby, CA)
This is what your favourite Christmas movie smells like (unless it's Elf).

Ok the title of this review may be an exaggeration, but hear me out: when you're watching your favourite Christmas-themed films, there's usually a cutaway of a montage of people shopping in the Downtown district for gifts or a wide pan of the living room set up with the tree in all its tinsel and Shiny Brite glory, the fireplace crackling and a few household members having their in-season drink in the background?

That whole experience of festive wonder, delight and, nostalgia can be found in this candle.

Scent-wise it's lightly spiced like mulled wine and brings out a sense of sweet warmth once lit. The throw is strong enough to know you have a candle lit but not overpowering if you have seasonal allergies and need a break.

Whether you are in a blanket burrito watching the 3rd cheesy Christmas rom-com from your Netflix 'my list' for the day (no judgment), figuring out how to gift wrap your little cousin's oddly shaped present or, firing up Mariah's album and getting in the mood -- you cannot go wrong with Mistletoe.

PS. This doesn't smell like Elf if you're thinking of spaghetti and maple syrup. But I recommend Crème Brulée from the holiday mini set for that!

PPS. Stop reading this review and click 'add to cart' already!

Brenda Nelms (Maple Falls, US)
The Best Candle Place...

I am still using my two candles, "Mistletoe and Butterscotch" Both amazing but I will get to that in a moment.
I ordered two candles and received a lovely rose teacup candle that was a most welcome gift. I can't say enough about these candles. I ordered two 8 oz. candles and I am still burning theme after receiving my order many weeks ago.

I have never burned the candles with the wood wick and I can't say how much I am in love with these types of candles. Long lasting. No puffy smoke after extinguishing them. True to nature fragrances that filled my rooms. One candle I use in my bedroom and it only takes a minute to fill up a smallish size bedroom of 16 x 16.
I had people walking back in forth of my office when I had the Butterscotch going. Finally, someone stopped in to ask me if I had an open bag of candy because they were so intoxicated with the fragrance. I agree, it's super yummy!

These candles are the best and cleanest candles I have ever used. Try them!

Heather Craig (Chilliwack, CA)
Christmas tree heaven

It’s perfect! It’s a fresh cut tree but overly done. Some tree candles are just too much but this one is overwhelming and there is a touch of sweetness. I hope all the holiday scents come back next year!

Mackenzie McKeown (Saskatoon, CA)
Christmas tree in a Candle 🎄

Y’all, this is not a drill. This candle smells like a fresh cut Christmas tree mixed with cranberries and sugar! It’s almost a bit masculine which makes it near impossible not to burn it in one go!

Chloe (New York, US)

Such an incredible smelling candle! Love the pine scent with berries. Amazing 😍