Celebrating National Love a Tree Day

Celebrating National Love a Tree Day

On May 16th each year, National Love a Tree Day celebrates the wonderful gift of trees. Trees provide more than just beautiful landscapes and a shade on a sunny day. They play a significant role in moderating the climate as well as providing us oxygen. In addition, they provide habitat and structure for thriving ecosystems.

Here at Mala, we understand that trees are a vital part of our climate which is why we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future so that with every purchase made, a tree will be planted across the globe. Tree planting to us is a great way not only to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases and improve the environment, but also to neutralize the impact of our own emissions.

We know the issue of climate change is borderless, which is why we strive for our efforts to always be global. This approach allows us to plant various species at varied times throughout the year while also being cost effective.


Trees for the Future

Through our incredible tree-planting partners around the world, Trees for the Future plants trees across 13 countries and four continents. Ranging from Kenya to the Amazon, New Orleans to Vietnam, our partners re-forest globally, working to not just sequester carbon from the atmosphere, but also provide full-time jobs to tree planters and vital nutrition to entire communities.


Why is it important to plant trees?

Carbon pollution is a serious threat to the Earth’s climate.  Trees are one major natural way of cleaning carbon pollution from our air, sequestering it in the ground and helping to fight climate change.
Because of mass production and consumption of resources, every 48 hours, we lose a forest the size of NYC.


A single tree can...

... provide enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe and reduce peak summer temperatures by 2-9 degrees Fahrenheit.
... they help settle out and trap dust, pollen and smoke from the air.
...they create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals. 
...they absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen.
… a single tree can offset an average of one ton of carbon over its lifetime.
… forests are responsible for absorbing a quarter of human-induced carbon emissions.


So, what can you do to show your appreciation?

There are many ways to celebrate Love a Tree Day:

  • Literally hug a tree
  • Water a tree
  • Identify trees
  • Trim a tree in your yard
  • Adorn a tree with a bird feeder or bird house
  • Plant a tree

Show your love for trees today! It can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods or planting a tree in your backyard. It's important to take care of our planet's trees and appreciate their significance to our well-being and environment.



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