Eco-Friendly Asian Owned Business to Support Now and Always

Eco-Friendly Asian Owned Businesses to Support Now and Always

Asian American + Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month celebrates the contributions and achievements that generations of AAPI’s have made to our history, society, and culture. 

As a proudly Asian owned and led company, this month means a lot to us and we’re so excited to celebrate it with you. We want to recognize the businesses who have contributed to keeping our earth happy while amplifying the Asian experience of these businesses. Here are 27 eco-friendly AAPI - Asian owned brands that we love following these categories: beauty, fashion, and home.



  • Cocokind
    • A conscious beauty company that uses natural certified organic ingredients. 
  • Wyld
    • An all-natural and plant-based skincare brand that focuses on sustainable and exceptional ingredients.
  • Glow Recipe
    • A fruit-powered skincare brand designed that’s fun, clean, cruelty-free.
  • Tower 28 Beauty
    • A playful vegan, cruelty and allergen free beauty brand.
  • Kulfi Beauty
    • A makeup brand that celebrates South Asian beauty through vegan and cruelty-free makeup.
  • Blume 
    • A self-care brand that breaks taboos surrounding body and period care. 
  • Krave Beauty
    • Skincare that's made to be easy, stress-free and basic for the everyday person.  
  • Live Tinted
    • A beauty brand that celebrates multicultural beauty with their clean, vegan, cruelty free and inclusive line. 
  • Peach and Lily
    • Creates products with clean ingredients to empower you to transform your own skin and to achieve your best and most healthy skin. 



  • Leze the Label
    • Sustainable workwear that is made from recycled material that feels like pyjamas. 
  • WWake
    • A jewelry brand that crafts its pieces in small, made-to-order batches using quality materials and conflict-free diamonds. 
  • Ocin
    • Vancouver-based eco-swimwear company creating high-quality pieces made from 100% recycled polyester and nylon. 
  • Kayu Design
    • Bags woven from seagrass straw, a natural weed that is harvested and dried by hand, meaning that eventually, the bags will biodegrade. 
  • Vessi
    • Stylish, waterproof and comfortable shoewear that are mindfully made from vegan materials.  
  • Hathorway
    • Handcrafted and consciously made jewelry and accessories that are ethically sourced. 
  • Opus Mind
    • Minimalist bags that are ethically and sustainably made.
  • Everybody and Everyone
    • An eco-innovative and size-conscious fashion brand, curated with environmentally friendly material. 
  • Baggu
    • Bags that are made for everyday. All products are designed to minimize waste from their sustainable materials to their responsible practices.


  • Blueland
    • Everyday eco-friendly cleaning products without any plastic waste
  • Binu Binu
    • A brand of modern soaps Each made by hand with 100 percent natural plant botanical ingredients, essential oils and “boricha” (a Korean roasted barley tea).
  • Rooted
    • A modern-day plant company that reconnects people with nature - one houseplant at a time. 
  • Karst Stone Paper
    • Planners that are curated under the highest standards of environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability. 
  • Material Kitchen
    • Kitchenware that is made with recycled material for the modern-day home. 
  • The Sill
    • Boost your spirits and environment with their indoor plants and potted houseplants. 
  • Loyale Studio
    • Eco-friendly linens made to spruce up any living space. 
  • Nguyen Coffee Supply
    • Speciality and sustainable third-wave coffee inspired by traditional Vietnamese coffee. 
  • Haiku Designs
    • Conscious and classy house pieces inspired by Japanese-style and Mid Century Modern furniture.


Supporting Asian-owned brands not only helps keep their small business afloat during this difficult time, but also amplifies AAPI voices as a form of solidarity We hope this list inspires you to show up and support Asian-owned and Asian-founded businesses. If we missed any, let us know here.

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