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Behind the brand

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with candles. It probably had something to do with the fact that my aunt (who was living with us at the time) was constantly burning candles, and the smell of them always felt like it filled our home. As I dove deeper into my candle obsession I struggled to find a candle company that avoided the use of harmful chemicals. Coupled with an outrageously expensive price tag and many a disappointing scent, Mala the Brand was born. 

After living in Germany for a year and having travelled extensively all over Europe, I easily fell in love with the minimalist, romantic lifestyle of the Europeans. Mala the Brand is inspired by European design and scents, combined with the nature that my hometown of Vancouver, BC is known for. Mala the Brand blends all my favourite things into one: candles, my passion for sustainability, and of course my love for all things marketing, design, and entrepreneurship. Mala the Brand evolved naturally out of the desire to create something beautiful yet sustainable, and I hope you’ll join me on this journey, too.

I’ve spent countless hours doing market research, sourcing sustainable materials, testing scents in my kitchen, and have finally turned my once-abstract idea into a product that I hope will fill your home as it does mine. 

These candles are designed with the everyday person in mind that seeks an aesthetically pleasing, yet sustainable and ah-mazing smelling candle that truly lights up any room. 

As a one-woman show, from pouring your candle, to creating the content that you see online, to responding to your emails, keeping my small business local and as sustainable as possible is very important to me. Together with our eco-friendly wooden wicks and soy wax, along with our recyclable packaging, I can ensure you that we are making strides to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible with every candle purchase! All of our candles are poured in small batches (like, really small!) to ensure that every candle gets special attention and that no excess waste is created.

If you've made it this far then seriously thank you... I appreciate the support so much! If you would like to chat about anything (marketing, sustainability efforts, entrepreneurship, memes …) reach out to me at or slide into my DM’s. I’m always here to chat!

- Melody xx

P.S I’d love to see how you style your #MALACANDLES. Tag us on Instagram (@malathebrand)

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