Muse No 7: Sarah from Bohème Goods

Muse No 7: Sarah from Bohème Goods

In this special edition of #MuseSeries, we chat with Sarah, the founder behind the beautiful vintage brand Bohème Goods. We are honoured to have been able to collaborate with Sarah on a new candle (dropping tomorrow!) and can't wait for your thoughts on it. In the meantime, read on to learn about Sarah's story, what a typical day looks like, and where the inspiration behind Sunset comes from.


What is your story? 

I’m a Scorpio born in 1991 and live in the same town I always have. I’m a middle child who scottish danced for 10 years and was a proud band geek. I played percussion and the bass drum in highschool marching band. I’ve always been an empath and eager to understand people. I studied in Germany when I was 16, speak a little Deutsch and volunteered at an Orphanage in Tanzania after I graduated highschool and that’s where I learned basic Swahili and realized I wanted to have kids of my own one day. I was in College for less than a year and studied psychology before dropping out, getting a job at a liquor store even though I didn’t drink and then a reception job that was awful. I quit after 5 months working there when I found out I was pregnant and my now husband and I who both were still living with our parents moved in together and started our family. Everything since has been a manifestation, a blessing and a really beautiful and insane journey.

What inspired you to start your platform and Boheme? How did you get started?

I grew up thrifting and learned about fabric and designers at a young age from my mum. In high school I would spend all my allowance at the thrift shop and have always enjoyed having something unique. I closed my old business down when my youngest son was 1 and thought that if I sold vintage, I would have a lot more time with the boys. Within a month of opening I realized the demand for vintage online was really something special and over the next few months I fine tuned what I stocked to make it a curation of my mind rather than just “vintage”. Once I made the switch to selling items that I would wear or keep in my home, almost instantaneous, it became easier to market and quicker to sell. 

Why is sustainability important to you? What is your mission with your platform?

I have two sons that I want to be an example for in terms of sustainability. Since they were young we’ve been having conversations surrounding waste, what’s ethical, what’s sustainable. I don’t want to just preach sustainability but I want to be sustainable in all that I do. I hope that this is a ripple that continues to my customers all over the world.

What was the inspiration behind the scent “Sunset”? 

When we were in Aruba last summer we had one of those absolutely perfect days. We spent all day on a secluded beach, ate fresh fruit, reapplied coconut oil and  sunscreen who knows how many times and were dripping in salt water. I wanted to recreate a moment in time that I feel nostalgia for so often and Sunset is a blend of all these memories of that perfect day colliding. 


What does a typical day look like?

Up with the sun and my sons. We make breakfast together, talk about the dreams we had and come up with a very loose plan of what we want to do that day. I’m grateful to work from home as I’m usually able to adapt my schedule to the boys moods. If they want to go down to the river, I know I can work later that night, and if they want to just hang out at home or play with friends in the yard, I can work during the day and then spend the night with them. 

Favorite part of your job? 

Connecting with humans all around the world. I honestly find every aspect of my job to be rewarding but the people I meet, although usually just virtually, are so cool. I really feel a community vibe through my instagram page and everyone has similar values which makes it very easy for me to do my job when sharing on insta or replying to emails. I am always thinking about how beautiful these people are who are choosing to support a small business operated by just me when there are so many other options. It’s something I’ll always be grateful for.


Most challenging part about running your own business?

Trying to be everything to everyone. I’m so used to running on fumes that I consider it just part of the grind but once I started hiring people for small jobs like curating the playlist for the Spotify every Friday or a company to design my branding - I realized I can outsource what I need help with so I can focus on what I do best and still have lots left to give to my family. 

Best advice for someone just starting to learn how to transition into a more sustainable, simple lifestyle?

Don’t fret about being sustainable in every aspect of your life immediately. It’s a process that you will get better and better at over time, eventually it will be second nature and you won’t even think about it. 

If you weren’t running your business, what would you be doing?

Probably working as an early childhood educator or as a special education assistant. 

What has been one of the most rewarding experiences being in your line of work so far?

Releasing my own collection of garments made in my town. I have wanted to design clothes since I was little and would always tweak the clothes I owned because I felt they could be just a touch better if something were changed. I released my first collection for pre order just after the pandemic was declared. I was so elated and also terrified that no one would want to spend their money but I was brought to tears after everything sold out that same day. I have never been approved for a loan before and the pre orders are what allowed me to finance the collection and continue on my new journey designing for Boheme. It was honestly a saving grace with my husband out of work and the thrift stores closed for months and it’s a wild memory to commemorate the new journey I’m on.

Best piece of advice to others that are wanting to start their own business?

Take your time with it and be true to your own vision. It’s much easier to run a business that you fully heartedly believe in.

Life motto you live by?

The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live. - Auguste Rodin

What’s next for you and Boheme goods?

I’m designing my Autumn / Winter Collection and preparing to work with a production house here in Vancouver for the first time in addition to providing Carmen and Servan (my current seamstresses) work. Everyone I interact with who helps my visions come to life are the kindest and coolest humans and I plan to continue working with good people with good ethics.


Sunset launches tomorrow at 9am PST! In the meantime, keep up with Sarah over at @bohemegoods :) 

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