Apps to Help You Live More Sustainably

Apps to Help You Live More Sustainably

Everything from the clothes and food we buy to the way we travel has an impact on our environment and the world around us. Luckily, its 2020 so we have smartphone apps to help us make better, informed decisions! Here are some apps we've personally tried that we find helpful to make living sustainably a little bit easier.


1. JouleBug: Discover new ways to go green

Makes it easy for you to implement more sustainable habits into your everyday life with tips and a social network to connect with a likeminded community. 


2. Olio: Share more, waste less

This app connects you with neighbours so that surplus food and other household items can be shared or taken off your hands, not thrown away!


3. Donegood: Discover ethical brands

Quickly shop with hundreds of brands that do good for people and the planet.


4. Oroeco: Track your footprint

Oroeco automatically allows you to track your impact on the climate with a powerful footprint calculator. Perfect for understanding where you are already doing well and where there is room for improvement. 


5. Tap: Find the closest water stations to you

Find water refill stations near you anywhere in the world with Tap, so you don’t have to buy a single-use plastic bottle ever again. Just don't forget your reusable bottle at home! 


6. HappyCow: Find veg restaurants

This app helps you find veggie and vegan restaurants near you anywhere - trust us, it’s been saviour on many occasions. Basically your best friend when travelling.


7. Vegan Recipes: Hundreds of healthy recipes

All these recipes use simple ingredients that are easily available and inexpensive.


8. Think Dirty: Learn about toxic/unethical ingredients 

Think Dirty allows you to learn about any toxic or unethical ingredients in all your cosmetics and toiletries just by scanning the items. The app will also give you cleaner alternatives.


9. No Waste: Avoid unnecessary purchases, reduce food waste, and save a bunch of money.

Track and reduce your food waste with No Waste, an interactive organizational app that lets you make an inventory of the items in your fridge, freezer and pantry. You’ll be able to sort and search for food by category or expiration date to ensure that nothing goes to waste and share your lists with friends or family. 


10. Poshmark: Shop second hand and sell old clothes

Shop millions of closets and boutiques at prices up to 70% off, plus turn past Posh purchases into cash, while selling your old clothes!


11. Hoopla: Borrow free digital eBooks, audiobooks, movies etc.

Instantly borrow free digital movies, music, eBooks and more 24/7 with your library card.


We hope you find these apps useful! If you have more to add to the list, please let us know. :)


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