5 Ways to Reuse Your Glass Jars

5 Ways to Reuse Your Glass Jars

In the spirit of living sustainably and creating as little waste as possible, we introduced 9 oz glass jars with our new summer collection - because of the many ways we can purposefully reuse them. Being more conscious about waste production allows us to rethink materials in a new light, which is why we’re sharing a few ways that we’ve been upcycling our used candle glass jars ourselves! 


First off, the cleaning process:

The easiest trick to remove labels is to soak the jars in water for a few hours. Once they’ve been sitting for a little while, the label becomes much less sticky and can be easily peeled/scraped off. Next, pour hot water into your glass jar and put a lid on it for an hour. At that point, you can easily use a knife to poke out the wax as it should have released itself from the container. 


Ways to reuse your glass jars: 

1. Reusing glass jars for food

Ditch the plastic containers and reuse the glass jars that you already have. The lids fit tighter than on plastic containers which will keep your food fresh with zero spills. 


2. Mini terrariums/plants & flowers

If you’re down to get dirty, you can repurpose the glass jars to propagate your plants or even create a mini terrarium! 


3. Homemade body scrub 

We know how important it is to self-care! Indulge yourself in this quick DIY body scrub. All you need is equal parts of brown sugar and oil (olive/coconut/jojoba) to get your skin feeling soft and smooth. 


4. Personal care organizers

Reusing our glass jars can help you stay organized. Glass jars can be used to store your personal utilities such as cotton rounds, q-tips, and even your makeup brushes. You can even decorate them to give each jar a personalized touch.


5. Candle tool organizers

If you’re candle-obsessed (just like us), then this the perfect way to store all of your wick trimmers, candle snuffers, matches and lighters!  


If you have any questions about our Summer exclusives , simply shoot us a DM or email us hello@malathebrand.com to say hi anytime! Want even more recommendations? Check out our Scent Quiz to discover more personal picks from us. And don't forget, with every purchase you're giving back to the Earth with the planting of one tree! Learn more about our tree planting partners here. :)

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