13 Podcasts for Your Summer Road Trip

13 Podcasts for Your Summer Road Trip

Podcasts have been a source of escapism for many of us amongst all the chaos of life, from slow moments during quarantine, transitioning to working from home and bringing joy to mundane household chores. Podcasts have been around thick and thin and have become necessary for everyday life, especially in the Summertime. 

As lockdown is beginning to ease, it’s essential to continue stimulating ourselves and engaging in conversations and stories that will enhance our personal well-being. Podcasts allow that short time away from reality while still remaining engaged and productive. 

Whether you’re looking to get enraptured by real-life stories, learn something new, or have a laugh, we’ve got you covered. These are podcasts that we’d recommend to keep you company during your long drives to your next Summer destination. Browse, download, and thank us later. ;)



Adventure podcast

Hosted by Matt Pycroft - a series featuring individuals at the forefront of exploration and adventure. From environmental activists, outdoor cinematographers, and photographers, this podcast dives into the extraordinary lives of these environmental creatives. 

Sustainability Defined

A podcast that dives into the definition of sustainability one topic (and one bad joke) at a time, along with holding conversations with professionals. If you’re looking to increase your eco-credibility, this is a great place to start! 

Breaking Green Ceilings 

An interview series dedicated to amplifying environmentalists from marginalized communities such as Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Disabled folks. This podcast promotes an inclusive environment movement through discussions about wildlife conservation, environmental education, and environmental justice. 

Wardrobe Crisis

Each week Clare Press interviews guests about fashion and intertwines each conversation with sustainability, ethics, activism, and the environment.



Beauty Needs Me Podcast

Hosted by Taleah Griffin - model, actress, writer, and Dunni Odumosu, a former cosmetic chemist and now global biopharma professional. The Beauty Needs Me Podcast talks about the definition of beauty across different cultures and countries while featuring guest speakers. 

Unpretty Podcast

A podcast that explores the perceptions of beauty through the lens of Black and non-Black people of colour. Tune into this show to deepen your understanding of colorism in the West, societal misrepresentations and cultural appropriation.

Fat Mascara 

Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan have been in the beauty business for some time now, meaning their advice is basically the gold standard. These two are coming through with the latest and the hottest guests. You can get the 411 on the latest beauty trends with Fat Mascara. 

Naked Beauty

A podcast with a more intimate approach to beauty. Brooke Devard Ozaydinli and her guests reflect on how beauty trends, self-care routines, and wellness regimens are tied to culture and identity. 



Happy Place

Fearne Cotton provides expert advice on how to find joy as she draws from her own experiences. This podcast is all about finding your inner happiness through life, love, loss and everything in between. 

Becoming Wise

Gain insights on life and morality with Krista Tippett. Each episode expands on the experiences of guests with wise and graceful lives. This podcast will get you feeling refreshed, reset, and replenished by the end of the day. 

Wanna Be

How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? Imriel Morgan interviews individuals from the creative and entertainment industry to discover the tools and techniques that have set them up for success. 

Food Heaven

Two BFFs and registered dietitians, Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, talk to various guests about how we can live healthier, more balanced lives. No gimmicky diets here! Tune in to learn how you can take care of yourself from the inside and out. 

The Daily Pep!

Every weekday, Meg Kissack starts off your day with a daily pep talk. This podcast is full of short stories that will make you feel comforted and relaxed and fit in perfectly with anyone’s busy schedule. 


We hope you are able to find a podcast that fits your mood - whether you’re looking to delve into the world of beauty, learn something new or feel at ease. Have any recommendations to add to our round up? Let us know! 

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