Muse No 14: boss babe & boss mom of Brunette

Muse No 14: boss babe & boss mom of Brunette

Founded by Miriam Alden in early 2014, Brunette the Label is a clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC Canada. All of their products are passionately designed in Canada by the babes at Brunette Headquarters. They believe the word "babe" to be a way of life, and strive to create a community that is inclusive of all babes. Inspiring, strengthening, and elevating each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Read on to learn more about Miriam, her background and how our limited edition Cinnamon Hearts candle collaboration came to be. 


What is your story?

It's so funny, I honestly named my business Brunette because my name isn’t the easiest to remember. I figured that when I met people, they may not remember my name, but they would know I was the tall girl with the brunette hair. It was very simple. And as for starting my business, I always knew I wanted to have my own brand and business in fashion, but wasn’t exactly sure what direction I wanted to go in. Brunette Showroom was very intentional. I worked in wholesale for about five years and had the opportunity to work with an amazing company that really helped me learn and grow. I left there to open Brunette Showroom with basically not a penny to my name. I did a lot of side hustles to keep moving forward. I sold pashminas out of my car, I did fashion styling and writing, and I did fit modelling - among many other things. I was able to grow my showroom until 2014 and then at that point, I started making sweatshirts for marketing and media events to promote the business. I wore one of the sweatshirts one day, and a retailer I was
selling to told me she thought it was cute! I made 12 to sell and then sold them, and then 24 and so on - and the rest was history.

What inspired the collaboration?

We wanted to create something that we hadn’t seen before in the market. Originally, we were going to go with a more classic scent because I love a rose candle, so we were working on that. Last minute we decided to do something more Valentines-inspired as the collection was coming out for Valentines Day. I spoke with Melody, and she changed direction, and nailed it on the first try. It honestly smells like you are eating a cinnamon heart in all the best ways, and it brings up lots of really fun earlier memories when I smell it. I also think the fact we are two female-founded, Vancouver-based entrepreneurs makes the collaboration very special. Babes Supporting Babes - always.

What does a typical day look like?

Haha that is a very hard question to answer. I mostly don’t have a typical day, but I am working on trying to be really structured with a schedule to create more streamlined days for myself. I have a one year old, two businesses, ride horses competitively, care for three horses, a dog and a cat, have a big family, and really value my friendships, which can often mean I pack too much into my day. So, over the past year I have been trying to make sure to schedule time for myself as well. That being said, I usually start four mornings with a workout before August (my son) wakes up, and then head to Brunette Headquarters. Mondays are my big days at the office so I try to book my major meetings then. We start with a team Monday Morning Meeting where we plan the week ahead, and then it's back to back meetings from marketing to production to content. I am more in and out of the office through the week. I ride horses in the morning before work on Tuesday and Thursdays, and then Friday afternoons are my time with my son to go on fun adventures. The rest of the week its working and running our Brunette world. I do a lot of calls on the go now, and am also trying to do more mentoring so the
weeks vary.

If you weren't running your business, what would you be doing?

I would absolutely have a horse rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary. One of my biggest passions is animal rescue and it's something I try to do through Brunette. But when I think of the life where I am the most peaceful, it would be walking out my back door to have my coffee with fields of horses. One day. 

Favourite and not-so-favourite part of your business?

My favourite part of the business is the team and working with the next generation to help them grow and become confident while building skills. As well, I love the creative side. My least favourite part would be dealing with the financial stress of having a business. I never brought in an investor or financial partner so that has been hard. Especially after the last few years and dealing with the shipping crisis.

Quote to live by?

This too shall pass.

What is something you’re looking forward to with the business?

I am incredibly excited about this year in general. Last year was a hard one. The shipping crisis took a toll on my business and team, and I spent last year really getting back on track. We focused on our environment here, and getting our systems organized for the new ways of doing things. I feel like everyone here at Brunette really wants to be here and is so excited about what's to come. I think it's going to be a very special year.

Stay connected with what's new at @brunettethelabel and discover our limited edition Cinnamon Hearts candle coming to you live on January 26th! 
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