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Eco-Talks No 2 : The Impact of Planting One Tree

The tree(s) you plant with us matters. 

Did you know that a fully grown tree can absorb more than 48 lb of carbon dioxide and release oxygen in exchange?! (Nearly 20 lb of carbon dioxide are produced from burning one gallon of non-ethanol gasoline.)

We’ve learned in school that trees provide us with oxygen, shade, and gives a home to plants, insects and animals, but, does planting only a single tree really even do anything for our planet? 

Let’s find out. 


1 tree… provides oxygen for you (plus one!)

An average fully grown tree produces oxygen needed for two people to breathe... all year long (!!!) As expected, exposure to trees naturally has a relaxing effect on humans, helping to reduce stress and revitalizes the mind.

1 tree... improves air quality for you

Trees do this by absorbing harmful pollutants and in turn release clean oxygen for us to breathe. In urban environments, trees absorb pollutant gases like nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide, and suck up particles like dust and smoke. 

1 tree… improves the climate 

In its lifetime, one tree can sequester (or take in) more than one ton of carbon dioxide. Planting trees and avoiding deforestation are key measures in reducing the human impact on global climate change. 

1 tree… means less water damage

How? A tree catches rain before it reaches the ground, allowing some of it to gently drip and the rest to evaporate. The roots of the tree hold soil in place, reducing erosion. In these ways, trees lessen the force of storms and reduce the amount of runoff into sewers, streams, and rivers, improving water quality. 100 fully grown trees can intercept about 100,000 gallons of rainfall per year. (NBD!)

1 tree... helps cities stay cool

Did you know one tree has the same impact as TEN regular air conditioners operating 20 x a day?! Trees can help hot summers stay a bit cooler by providing shade and exhaling water vapor from their leaves.


1 tree… provides habitat for plants and animals

Trees provide shelter and food for a variety of birds and small animals and a home for vegetation, ensuring a healthier, balanced ecosystem. 

A few more trees can…. Help offset your carbon footprint

To offset your carbon footprint, the average North American will have to plant 920 trees! The math looks something like this: 46 trees = absorbs 1 ton of Co2/year, and the average North American has a carbon footprint of 20 tons. 46 x 20 = 920 trees! 


So, there we have it! By learning and starting to do small environmental acts (eg. shopping small, avoiding plastic where possible), then we can create waves of change together! You can start now by helping us plant a tree today.

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