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Eco-Talks No 1 : Sustainability in 2020

The Earth is heating up.... and not in a good way! 

This year, we're putting sustainability at the top of our 2020 intentions list because climate change is already here. Climate change can be stressful and it can seem hopeless at times, but we believe that we don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

⁣Although we aren't perfect ourselves, we strive to take simple, everyday actions to help mitigate climate change, and thought it could be helpful to share them with you! Here are our top tips for everyday actions that you can take to tackle climate change. 


1) Meatless Mondays: We don't eat meat over here, but if you do it could be worth it to try consuming less every day or to designate one day of the week to go meat-free! Did you know that if the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoid climate damages of $1.5 trillion?! 

2) Shop & Eat Local: By doing so, you're supporting your local economy while creating less emissions in transporting goods! It's like a personal investment in your community as locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses and farms. 

3) Replace your one-use cups and straws: Simple yet effective. Did you know consumer waste has increased more than tenfold over the 20th century, from 40kg to 560kg of waste per person, per year?! Swap your plastics and one-use items for reusable cups and straws, razor blades, cotton bags, beeswax wraps, etc the list goes on! Check out this cup share program if you forget to bring your cup!

4) Buy less, shop second-hand: Let's leave fast fashion in 2019 and buy quality items that last. Before you buy something new, ask if you can buy it second hand, or if you really need it. More often than not, you probably don't need that extra pair of shoes. 

5) Curate your feed with positivity: This year we did a cleanse on our personal accounts where we unfollowed accounts that didn't serve us or make us feel good. Instead, we replaced our feed with positive, inspiring figures to help us subconsciously change our habits and mindset. A few of our fave eco bloggers are: @mskatyho , @forageandsustain , @leahstellapayne, and @wandering_wild_home.

6) Sort your recycling: Not properly sorting recycling can do more harm than good. Did you know that when we don't properly sort recycling (i.e. plastic bags in curbside recycling) it can make the whole recycle truck end up in the landfill? Refer to this graphic to help your efforts.


We're certainly not perfect and are constantly learning tricks to become more environmentally friendly every day. If you have any eco-tips to add to this list, please comment below or email us at :) 

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