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5 Reasons why Eco-Conscious Millennials Love These Nostalgic, Non-Toxic Cereal Candles. 🕯️✨🌿🥣

candles have always been a go-to for setting the mood, but not all candles are created equal. mala takes it to a whole new level, making waves for all the right reasons.

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relive childhood memories 🌈

The scent of your favorite childhood cereals, like froot loops 🥣 can transport you back to joyful moments. This cereal candle perfectly captures these nostalgic aromas, creating a delightful atmosphere that brings smiles and warm memories.



Inside and Out ✨

at mala, we know the importance of sustainable choices. unlike traditional paraffin candles that emit harmful toxins, this cereal candle is made with clean and toxic-free ingredients, ensuring you enjoy the soothing scents without harming the environment and your health. every burn is a guilt-free indulgence.🔥


Vegan Vibes, Cruelty-Free Choices 🌱🐰

OUR dedication to ethical practices shines through in OUR Candles. THIS CEREAL candle is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring no harm to animals in the name of ambiance. Illuminate your space with kindness and compassion.🤩✅


hours of pure delight 🔥

Mala's cereal candle offers more than just a momentary escape. With extended burn times, this candle provides hours of soothing ambiance, making it a perfect companion during work, relaxation, or gatherings. Bask in the glow of long-lasting joy.


give back to the environment

With every purchase of our candles, contribute to a greener future!🌲❤️ Mala's partnership with reforestation efforts means that with every candle you light, you're also helping to plant a tree. It's a small action that adds up to make a significant impact. Join us in our mission to make a positive change.♻️

with free shipping on orders above $120+

in Canada and $110+ in the US 🚚


burn time




& soy wax

wood wick






hand poured

in canada


with free shipping on orders above $120+

in Canada and $110+ in the US 🚚

see what they're smelling!

4.9/5 Stars

“These candles are everything”

"from the scents to the packaging to the unboxing experience. I am never going back to cotton wicks after trying these crackling wood wicks. 🤩"

Krystal W, Van BC

“the smell surprised me”

"I was worried that it would be too strong and artificial. Well, the smell surprised me. It fills the room with mild sweetness and a buttery smell which brings me into a happy mood."

Mina H, Richmond CA

“The only candle I’ll ever buy again”

"This scent is such a perfect blend of vanilla and rose I’m just obsessed, I wake up next to the smell of it on my bedside table and it puts me in such a good mood. It’s my favourite scent for a candle. So gentle and pretty."

Sara, Edmonton CA

what makes us special


packaging made from recycled materials and in turn is recyclable & biodegradable, no plastic here!

buy one, plant one

we plant a tree with every candle purchase (76,110+ trees planted worldwide and counting!)

clean ingredients

natural coconut soy wax, lead-free wooden & cotton wicks, premium phthalate & paraben free essential/fragrance blends

crackling wooden wicks

unique scents with crackling wicks that mimic a fireplace - creating a luxurious, cozy sanctuary in your hom

thousands of 5 ⭐ reviews...

Experience Out-of-This-World

Goodness ✨

transform your space into a tranquil haven, 

while making a positive impact on the planet.


with free shipping on orders above $120+

in Canada and $110+ in the US 🚚