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A new way for us to connect and collaborate

If you’re anything like us, you might be going slightly stir crazy from being home all day and self isolating! But, it's okay cause you're not alone in this. #Stayhomewithmala is your new interactive and collaborative space where you’re able to freely share your creativity (or just stuff you love), discover something new, and in return, receive inspiration from others.

How does it work? Simply use the form at the bottom of this page to share (anonymously or not) and we'll post it on here! This can be in the form of your own work or your favourite poems, podcasts, music, books, workout routines, recipes, DIY projects…. the list is endless. We hope you take and use this space as your own and find some sort of solace in it, as we do. We'll go first with a few things that we personally find comforting... :)

One of our favourite artists playing live in Joshua Tree!

Calming words by @emmazeck

      Binge watch something from here.        

Need some comfort? Read this.

Learn something new on Skillshare

Photo Submission by @_kristyallen 

My favourite podcast lately is "My Favourite Murder"- a good distraction from everything going on! I just finished reading The Herd by Andrea Bartz and it was an excellent read. My dad and I have been using scrap wood to create new woodworking projects. Pictured above :)

Recipe Submission by @chou.jennifer

These vegan salted caramel cookies are to DIE FOR, recipe here. Baking these delicious cookies helps me relax AND I get a little treat after!

DIY Nail Care Submission by @vanessanicolestern

Hi! I'm a nail tech in Vancouver, so I thought I'd share a super easy way to remove your gel polish at home, since I know many girls are struggling with it!

Paint Submission by @kayanhamadeh

Dreamy afternoons in "Palm Springs” - Used this time to paint where I’d rather be right now 😜