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Muse No 19: Cheyenne from @nakiacheyenne

by Marielle Juan |

Chey (@nakiacheyenne) is a freelance audio engineer and content creator living in Orlando. Her platform is dedicated to building a community to approach questions on beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products (and even influencer things!) Read our Q & A where we chat about her inspiration her journey as a creator.


What’s your favourite part about being a creator?

Definitely being able to see ordinary things as something beautiful and magnificent. I’ve always loved styling little pieces of my home (like a bookshelf or side table) and photographing cozy corners in bustling streets. Once you start “romanticizing your life” like they say on Tiktok, you really will find the beauty and individualism in everything around you.


What is the biggest challenge of being a creator?

Can I say getting paid on time? Most of the paid content I do for companies isn’t work that I post to my feed(s), but instead user generated content to be used solely by the brand for marketing. I am learning how to advocate for myself in the contracting process to protect those net-30 terms and either help companies pay me on time, or enforce late fees when they cannot.


How do you stay inspired?

I love seeing other creators’ work, but mostly I look to aesthetic and unique editorial pieces. I save them in a folder on Instagram, print them out and hang them up, fill my home with the things I like to look at. It’s taken some time to find my niche in the art I like to make, but mostly I can refer back to my notes and saved images for help!


Best piece of advice to others that are wanting to get into content creation?

Honestly, just start! People always ask me how I got into content creation, and really I just started posting. I followed people that had similar interests to me and started to cultivate a community in dm’s and comments rooted in authenticity. Posting what I love came naturally to me, so that’s my advice to everyone else: being your true self is the easiest way to succeed online (and offline tbh).


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