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Muse No 8 : Meet Vivi from Wandering Wild Home

by Melody Lim |

Meet Vivi from @wandering_wild_home, a passionate content creator whose focus is on educating and spreading awareness about how to go about a natural, sustainable, and intentional lifestyle. Vivi only started her platform a year ago but has quickly amassed a loyal audience of over 40k on Instagram! Read on to learn more about the "why" behind her platform, her inspiration, and what a typical day looks like. 

What is your story? 

I grew up in Europe in a natural, eco-friendly home. It was a bit weird at that time and I didn’t understand why everything had to be plastic free and eco-friendly. It took me nearly 30 years to understand what my parents were trying to do. Now I really appreciate it and I am proud of my roots! My parents were ahead of their time and this has inspired me to share my story now and to help others make a change in their life. 


What inspired you to start your platform?

I never felt that I was in the right place when I worked at a high-stress and demanding corporate job. I knew there was something else out there for me, something more creative, independent and closer to my strong personal values. After a difficult time in my life and a move to Canada, I decided to share my lifestyle on Instagram and on my blog. I knew I had to be self-employed in one way or the other and it’s been working out very well ever since I started a year ago. 

Why is sustainability important to you?

For me it’s something that’s so engraved in me. I was raised that way. I always learned to be mindful and critical about my habits and to take care of nature in different ways. Since this is a very natural topic for me, it feels so right to be doing what I do now. I have many plans for my platform but mostly I hope to grow it even further and to publish a book sharing all of the lessons I’ve learned on this journey. 

What does a typical day look like?

My day usually starts with having a warm coffee or tea with my husband. I like to start my days slow and mindfully, since I’m not a morning person! After that I spend my days between photographing, writing, researching and catching up with emails and messages. In the later afternoon I usually go grocery shopping and for a walk and then prepare a nice homemade meal for us. I also like to continue work after dinner some nights as well. 

Favorite part of your job? 

It’s definitely the creativity and flexibility in how I spend my time. I enjoy exploring different things that I’m truly passionate about.  

The most challenging part about running your own business?

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated with so much competition. It’s hard, but I really try to take a step back all the time to appreciate my own work, progress, and creative process.

Best advice for someone just starting to learn how to transition into a more low waste lifestyle?

Start with using up what you have. If you are going to buy something, first ask yourself if you really need it. Be critical about what you buy, where it comes from, its ingredients, and how it was made. Stay curious and invest the extra few seconds it takes to be aware of what you are filling your life with. Every little step counts!

If you weren’t running your platform, what would you be doing?

I honestly don’t know, since I absolutely love what I’m doing now, and it helps me to really be more aware of the small things in my everyday life.  

What has been one of the most rewarding experiences being in your line of work so far?

I think the most rewarding experience has been to get to know so many amazing and inspiring people all around the world. Putting myself out there and seeing how many ways people are trying to live more eco-friendly has helped me to find and share my true voice. 

The best piece of advice to others that are wanting to start blogging or building their own platform?

Just start! It’s never too late. Be true to who you are and you will attract the right audience who supports you. Be active, take chances, and personally contact your favourite accounts.  

Life motto you live by?

Be kind and understanding to others and your environment.  

What’s next for you and Wandering Wild Home?

I’m working on the manuscript of my book project and have lots of new things to learn and try! Meanwhile I’m starting to incorporate some new themes into my content about sustainability like traveling, fashion, and pets. 


Keep up with Vivi over on Instagram at @wandering_wild_home :)