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Our planet, our responsibility: every purchase gives back to Mother Earth with the planting of one tree by our partner.

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Meet the Scents


Fall Bundle: Set of 4

$140.00  $130.00


Cereal | Citrus + Berry + Lemon

From $20.00

Silk | Tonka Bean + Coconut + Jasmine

From $20.00

Chai | Clove + Cinnamon + Vanilla

From $35.00


Mala Minis: Set of 4

$80.00  $70.00

Tealight Scent Sampler


Mala Matchbox

From $3.00

E-Gift Card

From $30.00

What everyone's saying

These candles are everything: from the scents to the packaging to the unboxing experience. I am never going back to cotton wicks after trying these crackling wood wicks. ūü§©

Krystal W, Van BC

Honestly I think people are sick of me mentioning this brand but you need these candles.ūüĒ• A tree planted with every purchase AND earth-friendly packaging?! Win-win.

Karly K, Kelowna BC

Love that this small biz is environmentally conscious and strives to avoid using plastic, as everything else i buy these days uses excessive packaging! 11/10 ‚̧ԳŹ

Mikaela K, Hope BC